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Bubblegum and Blood: 18 Fierce, Feminist Horror Flicks

If you loved Barbie (2023) and all it stands for, chances are you also enjoy women empowerment in frightening films. So, to keep riding the recent high of girl power, here are some horror movies starring female characters reminding us that although women are known to be the fairer sex, …

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Interview With Skeet Ulrich, Star Of ‘Blood’

I don’t have children, so I can’t tell you that I understand, or even know, what a parent will do to save or help their child.  This is the question that the new Brad Anderson film, Blood, raises. What would you do, and how far would you go, to save …

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Book Review: Kayla Cottingham’s Morbidly Beautiful Debut ‘My Dearest Darkest’ (2022)

My Dearest Darkest

When I first read the synopsis for Kayla Cottingham’s My Dearest Darkest, I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I hadn’t ready anything quite like this in sometime. However, I’m glad I gave it a shot because it only took a few pages before I was completely invested …

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Horror Realm Con: A Personal Experience For Genre Fans

Every horror fan loves a good convention, a place to gather with like-minded hardcore peers, dress up, meet some of the biggest genre stars, and check out merchandise from local creators. Horror Realm Con offers just that. Horror Realm Con is a yearly horror themed convention that has run in the …

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Interview With Ian Pidgeon On How The Occult Is Portrayed In Horror Films

“The whole and sole object of all true magical and mystical training is to become free from every kind of limitation.” – Aleister Crowley I was recently thinking about the Occult and how it’s portrayed in horror films, and so I decided to ask Magician/Tarot Card Reader Ian Pidgeon what …

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‘The Craft’s’ (1996) Lessons On Power Stand The Test Of Time

The Craft

The Craft is undergoing the remake treatment fairly soon, and like many reimaginings, people will soon start the contentious debate over whether it’s a good idea. All that aside, let’s remember that we can always look back to the original film, regardless of how the new one pans out. Let’s …

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Where My Coven At? Review of ‘The Witch Files’ (2018)

When The Craft came out in theaters back in 1996, I made sure to see it opening weekend. It was everything I wanted – strong, confident young women with magical powers to acquire everything and anything they wanted, with a coven to provide the backbone and structure needed to brave …

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‘The Monster Project’s’ Victor Mathieu’s Monster Interview with PopHorror!

So far, 2017 has proven to be an amazing year for the horror movie genre. I recently had the chance to watch director Victor Mathieu’s The Monster Project. This film is easily one of my favorite films from this year. I had to know more about it and how it came about, and …

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