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Randall M. Badat’s ‘Surf II: The End Of The Trilogy’ (1983) Vinegar Syndrome 2k Restoration Blu-Ray Review

I was so excited when I opened my Vinegar Syndrome review package and found a 2k restoration Blu-ray of Randall M. Badat’s cult film, Surf II: The End Of The Trilogy. Gnarly! Despite this being the filmmaker’s only time in the director’s chair, he managed to pull together a story …

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Interview With ‘Rose Blood – A Friday The 13th Fan Film’ Director Peter Anthony

In the wake of Friday The 13th: Vengeance (2019 – read our review here), horror lovers have been wanting to see more fan films. To answer that call, long time Friday The 13th fan Peter Anthony will be directing his own version in the form of Rose Blood – A Friday …

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Uncanny Parallels Between ‘Friday the 13th: New Blood’ and ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’

You know how you find yourself falling into patterns in life, or maybe ruts would be a better word for it. We all do it, and when it comes to horror franchises, I’ve spent enough well-heeled time with them to be comfortable in the major ones. However, there are always …

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