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Ti West’s ‘X’ (2022) Coming To Blu-ray and DVD From Lionsgate

Ti West's 'X'

Ti West’s ‘X‘ (2022) is a hit with fans and critics alike (read our review here). It’s been making its theatrical run and it’s out on-demand now. Next up? It’s coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD! When can you get it? What are the special features? Check out the trailer …

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Ti West’s ‘X’ (2022) Official Trailer and Poster Revealed

X (2022)

A24 Films was kind enough to send us the trailer for their latest horror film: Ti West’s ‘X‘ (2022). It looks like a cross between Boogie Nights and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In other words, it looks badass, and it’s due out this Spring! Check out the trailer below, …

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