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Snapchat is giving away $100K for the best Halloween Snaps

Halloween Snaps

Trick or Treat! Exciting news…Snapchat is giving away $100K in the month of October for the top Halloween Snaps!  Spotlight (Snapchat’s in-app entertainment platform for UGC) will release 12 new Spotlight Challenges that will get Snapchatters into the spirit of Halloween. Throughout October, Snapchatters can show off how they celebrate Halloween from Costume …

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FGBFF 2018 – ‘Spotlight’ Horror Short Review

The forest. The dark. It encloses you into a naturally creepy environment. Four girls alone in the woods decide to play a game of Spotlight. It is a game of hide and seek with a flashlight. You have a person who is It. They count backwards and when they reach …

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