The Estate

James Kapner’s ‘The Estate’ (2020) – Film Review

When I first found out about The EstateI had a gut feeling that this film would be right up my alley. They had me at the “perfectly campy, Ryan Murphy-esque world.” When I was asked to review it, to say I was excited to watch is an understatement. Read on to find out my thoughts on this deliciously dark comedy thriller!

The Estate Synopsis:

When the spoiled son and newest wife of a billionaire patriarch plot to murder him, they form a psycho-sexual bond with their brutally handsome hitman as they kill and kill (and kill) in their quest for wealth and recognition.

The Estate

More From The Estate Press Release:

First-time feature director James Kapner deftly balances humor and horror, using his keen eye to develop a perfectly campy, Ryan Murphy-esque world. When a narcissistic son (Chris Baker) yearning for a life of luxury and his father’s erratic gold-digging wife (Eliza Coupe) decide to kill their way into their inheritance, they employ the help of an absurdly handsome, mysterious hitman (Greg Finley), initiating a psychosexual love triangle that spirals into more than anyone bargained for.

The Estate

My Thoughts:

I’ll start with this: If you are a horror fan and, in particular, you enjoy black comedies, The Estate is a definite must see! Dynamic and energetic performances by both lead and supporting actors. Bold and innovative writing, which includes a variety of sharp one liners and a bunch of unscrupulous characters that you can’t help but secretly adore. Smooth direction and flow throughout entire film.

Marcello (Eric Roberts: Batman franchise) is a rich, depraved man who is married to much younger trophy wife, Lux (Eliza Coupe: Happy Endings TV series). And as expected, he has a self-absorbed son named George (Christopher Charles Baker: The Office Is Mine 2019 – who also wrote the script). George and Lux are fed up with Marcello leaving them alone in a mansion to fend for themselves for what they consider an inadequate amount of money. One night, Lux decides she wants to go to a dive bar and look for a stranger to have a one night stand with. It’s here they meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger (Greg Finley: iZombie TV series) who claims to be a hitman. He offers his services to take out Marcello in order to get their inheritance money.

It’s a given that Marcello gets whacked. What’s not a given are the plot twists stemming from poor decisions and the shifty, cutthroat ways of this triangle of narcissists. I was pleasantly surprised with just how warped these self-absorbed characters are, and the lengths they will go to get what they want. I can honestly say I didn’t see that ending coming!

 My Final Thoughts:

The Estate is, without a doubt,  a brilliant and top notch dark comedy thriller. The writing, acting, and the directing are perfectly executed. This was such a fun movie! I can’t recommend it enough. The film is currently streaming virtually in its world premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival, so, if you get the chance to see it, do it!

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