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Mahal Empire Release: Michael Su’s ‘Night of the Tommyknockers’ (2022 )- Film Review

Night of the Tommyknockers

A sub-genre we don’t see often within the horror genre is westerns. Add in some creatures and you can either have a really cool film or a really cringe film. Night of the Tommyknockers (2022) blends all three of these elements, which of course intrigued me. A western set in …

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Garo Setian’s Brilliant Sci-Fi Thriller/Comedy ‘Automation’ (2019) – Movie Review

Automation is what you get when you cross I, Robot (2004) with The Office TV series, and it’s a match made in heaven. That may be an odd mix to wrap your head around, but the filmmakers pull it off perfectly, marrying these two opposite concepts to make Automation a …

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One Hell of a Party: ‘Bus Party To Hell’ (2017) Movie Review

Bus Party to Hell is a movie I have been looking forward to for quite some time. After much waiting, I finally was given the chance to check it out. Did Bus Party To Hell satisfy my need for the 3 Bs? Abso-Fucking-Lutely.  Bus Party To Hell is the latest …

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