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‘Johnny Gruesome’ Is Out for Revenge This October!

Johnny Gruesome

This October, Uncork’d Entertainment is unleashing Greg Lamberson’s (Slime City 1988) Johnny Gruesome, a new revenge movie just in time for Halloween! Lamberson (you can read our interview with him here) is not only directing the film, but he also wrote the book that it’s based on. Johnny Gruesome stars Anthony …

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‘Dead Envy’ (2018) – Film Review

Dead Envy is a film we at PopHorror have been looking forward to checking out. How can we not be, when the film has been advertised as Rock n’ Roll HORROR! A Lynchian style thriller about MUSIC and HAIR! That description, along with the poster and trailer, had me intrigued from …

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Aggronautix Unveils GG Allin 25th Deathiversary Bust

GG Allin

Aggronautix has been creating limited-edition “Throbbleheads” of legendary punks and rock’n’roll rebels since 2009. The “Purveyors of Polyresin” have created more than 35 unique designs — limited edition collectibles for adult music fans. (You can scope out the full Throbblehead lineup here!) Their latest effort? A GG Allin 25th Deathiversary …

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