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Smoke And Mirrors: Interview With SFX Wizard Tom Savini

He’s a director (Night of the Living Dead 1990), a special effects and makeup genius (Creepshow, Maniac), an actor (From Dusk Till Dawn), and even a stuntman (Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead). If you watch horror movies, chances are you’ve seen something connected to Tom Savini, either directly …

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Interview with Jimmy Lee Combs: Driven by the Heyday of Horror

Most horror fanatics would agree that the ’80s and ’90s were the heyday of horror. It was an era that pushed the limits and created nearly every subgenre we know and love today. Driven by his love for the genre, Jimmy Lee Combs explored the roots of some of these …

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South Mill District (2018) Short Film Review

South Mill District takes place on earth after an alien war has pretty much destroyed humanity. The people that are left are remnants of Eon Corporation’s experiments, a company that created a disease called the Havoc Strain that turns humans into hosts for a deadly, mutated spider virus. Joe Meredith …

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Bonehill Road (2017) – Film Review

Seasoned horror veteran director Todd Sheets delivers his latest indie horror opus upon the masses with Bonehill Road. This film is a love letter to classics like The Howling, Silver Bullet and American Werewolf In London¬†– minus the comedy. Although Sheets has been creating gloriously gory films for over 30 …

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Celebrating 35 Years of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’

The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is my favorite horror movie. It may be my favorite movie, period. It is, frankly, a masterpiece that sits atop many a horror aficionado’s Top 10 list. I remember watching it with my father as a kid. It terrified me. It stuck with me. It’s …

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