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Shudder Announces March 2020 Programming Lineup


Shudder is the definitive place to stream horror films and fantastic use of your horror entertainment dollar. I absolutely love my subscription, and find new and interesting stuff to watch every month. March 2020 is no exception. The folks at Shudder have a wonderful lineup for you (and me). It …

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Trailer and Poster ‘Replace’ Starring Barbara Crampton


Check out the trailer and poster for the upcoming horror film Replace. This one looks pretty awesome and has a killer cast and crew. This new horror film is from writers Richard Stanley and Norbert Keil. It stars Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron, Sean Knopp and genre icon Barbara Crampton. Synopsis for …

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Replace (2017) Trailer: It Will Make Your Skin Crawl

As humans, our bodies are capable of many things. That is why we tend to freak out once something odd starts to happen to us. Sure, we get the occasional rash, dry skin, or even that pesky acne. However, what if your skin started aging at an accelerated rate out …

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