Replace (2017) Trailer: It Will Make Your Skin Crawl

As humans, our bodies are capable of many things. That is why we tend to freak out once something odd starts to happen to us. Sure, we get the occasional rash, dry skin, or even that pesky acne. However, what if your skin started aging at an accelerated rate out of nowhere? Director Norbert Keil explores this idea in more detail with his new 2017 horror film Replace. The trailer below actually made my skin crawl. I hope that is not a side effect from watching it as I take my skincare very seriously!

So, what else does this unique film entail? Well, a young woman takes notice that her skin begins aging rapidly, drying out, and eventually crumbles away. What would anyone in their right mind do in this situation? Replace it with someone else’s skin, of course.

The film stars Rebecca Forsythe (The Bronx Bull), Lucie Aron (Berlin Syndrome), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, Chopping Mall), and Sean Knopp (Doctor Who). After watching the trailer, I think it looks like we have a solid cast here. Crampton is the only one I recognize from past horror films but, sometimes you just need a seasoned horror actor to pave the way.

The film doesn’t have an official release date in the USA yet. However, it did premiere in Belgium on April 11th, 2017 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival where it was nominated for Best European Film. I’m stoked for it’s arrival to the United States sometime this year! I must admit this concept absolutely terrifies me. I mean, I like my skin just the way it is! So, to watch someone visibly in discomfort with their skin sends makes me physically cringe! What do you guys think of the trailer for Replace? Yay or nay? Drop the PopHorror family a line in the comments below.

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