Wolfman's Got Nards

BHFF 2018: ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’ Documentary Film Review

Ever since I found out about Wolfman’s Got Nards, I have been looking forward to seeing this documentary about The Monster Squad. The Monster Squad  is one of my most favorite films of all time. It combines the power of friendship, the ’80s and Universal movie monsters. What’s not to love? I can remember being about ten- or eleven-years-old and watching it on HBO, recording it on VHS to watch again and again. I was elated when they finally released it on DVD back in the mid 2000s, and I purchased it right away. The Monster Squad holds a special place in my heart, and I know I am definitely not the only one. The fact that I got to watch and review Wolfman’s Got Nards for the 2018 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival was amazing. So, did this film satisfy my expectations? Read on to find out!

Wolfman’s Got Nards Synopsis:

This heartfelt documentary explores the power of cult film told through the lens of the 1987 classic The Monster Squad, and the impact it has on fans, cast and crew, and the industry.

The Monster Squad film poster the film behind Wolfman's Got Nards

The Monster Squad Synopsis:

A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters.

My Thoughts: 

I loved everything about Wolfman’s Got Nards. I do mean everything! It went above and beyond any expectations I had in a documentary about The Monster Squad. The film includes much of the cast discussing the making of the movie, as well as others who weren’t involved in the film telling their thoughts on this cult classic. Talk then branches off into the film’s release to DVD right around the 20th anniversary of The Monster Squad, which blew the minds of all the people involved with the making of this cult classic. Andre Gower (Sean), Writer Shane Black and Writer/Director Fred Dekker were all taken aback on how this film has impacted so many in the past 30 years.

There is so much information and trivia packed in this documentary. It is all presented perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I loved realizing that kids nowadays are growing up loving this film. There is even a professor that uses The Monster Squad in his film studies class. The documentary itself features many cameos, including Seth Green, Adam Green and Heather Langenkamp, just to name a few. Wolfman’s Got Nards did strike a nostalgic cord with me, and I found myself fully invested in it. I laughed and I cried a little as well. Even if you haven’t seen The Monster Squad (which I recommend you rectify immediately), this film offers a look at filmmaking in general and how films impact lives.

Another really cool thing about this doc is that they show a lot of how they created the monsters, including Stan Winston designs. They also pay a beautiful tribute to the late Brent Chalem (Horace).

I can honestly say there was nothing I didn’t like about Wolfman’s Got Nards. When the film ended, I was just in awe and I felt satisfied. I also plan on watching The Monster Squad again soon! This film is a thank you to all of the fans of this gem of a film, and I want to send out a huge thank you to Andre Gower for making this film for us.

You must see Wolfman’s Got Nards, especially if you are a fan of The Monster Squad. It is everything you would want in a documentary about your favorite film and more. I positively loved and recommend this film. Has anyone seen this one? Are any of you fans of The Monster Squad? Drop us a comment below!

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