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The Joke That Got Out of Hand: ‘GHOST WATCH’ (1992) – Blu-ray Review

Ghost Watch

Have you ever watched an older film for the first time, and thought to yourself, “Well this seems familiar?” I, personally, had a few of those while watching the legendary BBC production Ghost Watch, now available in the US on Blu-ray from MVD Visual. Ghost Watch Synopsis “The BBC gives …

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Coming Soon to Paramount Plus: Paranormal Show ‘SCHOOL SPIRITS’

School Spirits

Coming soon to Paramount Plus and Awesomeness Live-Action Studios is a new paranormal show: School Spirits. The show stars Peyton List (Cobra Kai – TV Show), Mino Manheim (Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2), and Maria Dizzia (Homebody). SCHOOL SPIRITS Synopsis High school can feel like an eternity. For some students at Split River …

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From the Paranormal and Beyond: Interview With ‘Paranormal State’s’ Ryan Buell

When I was seventeen-years-old, I remember being absolutely captivated by shows about the paranormal. When the television series, Scariest Places on Earth, aired on YTV, I was hooked. I found the world of the paranormal fascinating and tragic, spending so much time researching and writing about it that I found …

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Jozsef Gallai’s New Paranormal Thriller, ‘The Poltergeist Diaries,’ is Available Now!

Spectrum VOD, BayView Entertainment, and director Jozsef Gallai (Spirits in the Dark) have just released a new paranormal thriller called The Poltergeist Diaries. The film stars Andras Korcsmaros (The Whispering Man), Kata Kuna (Mintaapak TV series), Eric Roberts (Inherent Vice), and Peter Inoka (Aftermath). Synopsis: Strange events plague a man …

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I Am Open To All Possibilities: Interview With The Host Of ‘Dark Air With Terry Carnation’

Rejoice Carnation Nation! Our favorite host with the most, Terry Carnation, returns to his beloved paranormal podcast, Dark Air with Terry Carnation, the late-night talk radio show that has quickly become a fan favorite. I caught up with Terry last week to discuss his comeback and we chatted about why …

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The Truth Is Out There: ‘Volcanic UFO Mysteries’ (2021) Movie Review

Volcanic UFO Mysteries is brand new documentary written and directed by Darcy Weir (Beyond the Spectrum 2017) and stars Stephen Basset (The Day Before Disclosure 2010) and Jaime Maussan (Chasing UFOs 2012). Film Synopsis: The mystery of UFO sightings are now well a part of mankind’s oral and written history. …

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Shudder’s ‘Host’ (2020) – Movie Review

Can we all talk for a moment about just how great Rob Savage’s Host on Shudder is? It’s been a long time since I’ve come across a film that’s given me the chills like this one has. I’ve seen a lot of people describe what they think this movie is in …

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Interview With Madeleine Wade: Model, Actress, Survivor

Born in Germany, Madeleine Wade spent her childhood years in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and Japan, where she began working professionally as a model at the age of 15. Following high school, the young woman entered into adulthood, moved to the United States and began a life of freedom, …

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‘American Poltergeist: The Curse of Lilith Ratchet’ Is An Intriguing Supernatural Experience – Movie Review

We have all experienced things that go bump in the night, when the hair raises on the back of your neck or you see spooky shadows that are gone almost instantly. The supernatural is one field of fascination that everyone has at least some experience in. The past decade has …

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