The Truth Is Out There: ‘Volcanic UFO Mysteries’ (2021) Movie Review

Volcanic UFO Mysteries is brand new documentary written and directed by Darcy Weir (Beyond the Spectrum 2017) and stars Stephen Basset (The Day Before Disclosure 2010) and Jaime Maussan (Chasing UFOs 2012).

Film Synopsis:

The mystery of UFO sightings are now well a part of mankind’s oral and written history. This story follows a journalist’s quest to uncover the truth behind UFO sightings at active volcano sights across Latin America, and one activist’s pursuit to have the United State’s government admit to E.T visitation throughout history. Jaime Maussan has been doing journalism in Latin America for over 40 years and Stephen Bassett has been fighting for the truth embargo to end on capitol hill for over 15 years. As the Pentagon released declassified information and videos about E.T craft visiting our planet in 2020, it would seem 2021 could be the greatest year for disclosure.

Volcanic UFO Mysteries sheds light on UFO sightings all over the world. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on these sightings, but Volcanic UFO Mysteries is the first one that gets political. It was interesting hearing Stephen Basset’s stories and opinions on the subject, since he did start a movement about these UFOs in 1996.

Since Basset is an expert on the subject, it nice to see a different side of these sightings. I really don’t think people get how political UFOs are and that our government could possibly be hiding them from us. In terms of the volcanic aspects of these sightings, it is strange that a lot of UFOs are seen near active volcanoes, as told by Jaime Maussan.

What this documentary does wonderfully is allow you to think without the grain of salt. Volcanic UFO Mysteries not only gives incredible evidence, but it also doesn’t seem forced like other UFO documentaries. Darcy Weir did a great job at changing that narrative that we’ve all seen. It’s almost as if it’s two documentaries in one. We have Basset’s political evidence of UFOs. Then we get to Maussan’s volcanic evidence. Both of these theories are intriguing and can very well change a skeptic’s mind.

This is an excellent documentary for anyone interested in the topic, or if you want something thought provoking. Volcanic UFO Mysteries is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Video On-Demand.

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