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Scary Season Cinema: 31 Halloween Horrors to Binge

What up, horror aficionados?! I hope you’ve stocked up on sour patch kids and fake cobwebs because we’re about to dive headfirst into the spookiest time of the year. I mean, what’s not to love about a holiday that encourages you to dress up in ridiculous costumes, gorge on sweets, …

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Horror Writer Catt Dahman Turns Horror Director – Interview

Her name is Catt Dahman, and she is the tour de force in the world of horror and true crime. She serves on the board of the Horror Authors Guild and she writes, writes and writes! Her books include the Extinction Island series, Diatlov Nine: Death Below Zero, the Z …

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IndieBox – Free Movies Channel From BayView Entertainment Now Available


IndieBox is here from the folks at BayView Entertainment! It’s an all-new, FREE streaming movie channel available on multiple smart devices. Hey, who doesn’t love free movies? Get the details below! From The IndieBox Press Release IndieBox is Free Movies Channel from BayView Entertainment, your home for free award-winning independent …

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Interview With Carmela Hayslett AKA Roxsy Tyler

Several years ago, I was on YouTube and stumbled across this horror show featuring a horror host named Roxsy Tyler. My first impression was that she was funny, tough, beautiful and took no shit from anyone. I followed her on social media, and it has been a delight. Today, I …

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Fantastic Fest 2019: Mattie Do’s ‘The Long Walk’ Journeys Deep Into the Broken Heart of Grief

The tagline for Tobe Hooper’s classic horror film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre asks “Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?” While the marketers behind the line literally refer to the chainsaw mutilations and slaughterhouse gore of Leatherface’s exploits, they inadvertently got to the central question of all …

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Grief Fable, A Review of ‘Midsommar’ (2019)


There are few things that make one feel as helpless as grief. Losing a loved one isolates and warps a person until they are as a buoy at sea: adrift, bobbing, clanging a mournful song to a barren ocean of loss. One way to slow this agonizing tide is to …

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Life, Death and Movies: A Conversation About Depression (Editorial)


I’ve been staring at this blank white page for days, wondering where to begin. It’s funny–when I write stories or film-related articles, beginnings are the easy part. But when it’s your story that you’re telling, when you’re allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable for eyes who only recognize you in …

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Interview with Sv Bell – The Creator of Black Flag TV

Being an art lover myself, I’ve decided to start the new year with an interview with Sv Bell, a talented artist that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a while. Sv Bell has created numerous comics and DVD cover designs that are available both online via his web and at Comic …

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Interview With A ‘Master of Horror’ – William Malone

William Malone is a true Master of Horror and I am a personal fan of his creations. The style, creativity and conceptual combination of his work is pure genius. I was ecstatic when William agreed to do an interview with us, and I’m sure his fans will be eager to …

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All Through The House (2016) – Movie Review

“He sees when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!” I think holiday themed horror movies are some of the best stories out there. They bring two of my favorite things together – awesome kills and …

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