Scary Season Cinema: 31 Halloween Horrors to Binge

What up, horror aficionados?! I hope you’ve stocked up on sour patch kids and fake cobwebs because we’re about to dive headfirst into the spookiest time of the year. I mean, what’s not to love about a holiday that encourages you to dress up in ridiculous costumes, gorge on sweets, and watch scary movies?

If you’re like me, you’ve been counting down the days until October 31st since, well, November 1st of last year. Who am I kidding, I watch these all year round, but if you’re not like me, well, I’m going to attempt to convert you with this list of 31 horror flicks that happen to take place on or around Halloween, in no particular order.

So, grab your pumpkin spice latte, snuggle up in comfy exercise clothes that you love to eat doordash in (not a sponsor), and prepare to scream, laugh, and maybe even question your life choices, because these movies are about to live rent-free in your head until the new year. Some new, some classics, and a couple of hidden gems.

So what are you waiting for, Let’s get weird.


1. ‘Halloween'(1978) – Directed by John Carpenter

It’s the OG slasher, where a babysitter named Laurie Strode squares off against the shape himself, Michael Myers, in a sleepy Illinois town. John Carpenter cranks up the suspense, and that iconic Shatner mask will haunt your dreams forever. It’s like the Granddaddy of all slashers, the movie that set the standard, and it’s still carving its way through the horror Hall of Fame. Feel free to binge all the Halloween installments, including Season of the Witch!

2. ‘Trick ‘r Treat'(2007) – Directed by Michael Dougherty

It’s like Halloween on steroids, with four interconnected tales of terror happening in one small town on the spookiest night of the year. You’ve got creepy kids, werewolves, ghosts, and a pint-sized enforcer named Sam who makes sure you follow the Halloween rules. It’s like a twisted love letter to the holiday, wrapped in dark comedy and wrapped in razor-sharp scares. So, grab your candy, carve a pumpkin, and prepare for a Trick ‘r Treat marathon that’ll make you rethink your Halloween traditions.

3. The House October Built'(2014)– Directed by Bobby Roe

The Houses October Built is the ultimate Halloween-themed road trip through the darkest corners of haunted America! These friends embark on a quest to find the most extreme haunted houses, but things take a turn for the truly terrifying when they stumble upon a secret, underground haunt that blurs the line between fun and fear. It’s like a found-footage rollercoaster of spooky surprises that’ll have you questioning every carnival attraction you’ve ever encountered. So, grab your flashlight, hold onto your pumpkin spice latte, and get ready to join this spine-tingling adventure through The House October Built.

4. ‘All Hallows Eve'(2013)/ ‘All Hallows Eve 2(2015)– Co-Directed by Damien Leone

All Hallows’ Eve double feature! It’s like a one-two punch of Halloween horror with an anthology twist. In these flicks, you’ve got sinister VHS tapes, twisted tales, and a creepy clown called Art the Clown who’s out to make sure your nightmares last all year. It’s like a haunted house ride through your worst fears, complete with jump scares and gruesome stories that’ll have you questioning your love for the spooky season. So, dim the lights and prepare for a Halloween horror marathon that’ll make you think twice about picking up any mysterious videotapes.

5. ‘Terrifier'(2016)/ ‘Terrifier 2′(2022)– Directed by Damien Leone

Terrifiers 1 and 2! Art the Clown is back, and he’s painting the town red with blood in these movies. It’s like the ultimate slasher showdown, with Art bringing a wicked sense of humor and some seriously creative kills to the party. These flicks are like a mix of John Wick’s action and Joker’s twisted antics, all wrapped up in a clown costume. So, grab your snacks (if you can stomach it), and get ready to laugh, scream, and cringe as Art the Clown carves his way into your nightmares.

6. The Clown Murders'(1976) -Directed by Martyn Burke

It’s like a crazy carnival of crime when a bunch of folks decide to rob a rich guy’s mansion, dressed as—you guessed it—clowns! But this isn’t your typical clown act; it’s got more heists, more laughs, and more bodies than a clown car’s got clowns. This movie’s a twisted, dark comedy that’ll have you laughing one minute and clutching your sides in shock the next. Grab your red noses and oversized shoes, because The Clown Murders is one helluva murderous circus ride.

7. ‘Deadly Friend'(1986) – Directed by Wes Craven

Deadly Friend is a wild ride through the world of teenage genius and robotic mayhem! You’ve got Paul, a teenage whiz kid who brings his friend Samantha back to life with some high-tech wizardry. But, surprise, she’s not quite herself anymore. It’s like Frankenstein with a teenage twist, a dash of ’80s cheese, and a killer basketball scene you won’t believe. Deadly Friend’s got laughs, shocks, and robo-chaos that’ll make you rethink building your own friends. If you’re in the mood for a tech-savvy, teen horror flick, this one’s a slam dunk.

8. ‘Haunt'(2019) Directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods

Alright, hold onto your candy, folks, because Haunt is a haunted house experience that’ll have you questioning your life choices! A bunch of friends thinks they’re in for a good time, but this attraction’s idea of fun is a little more… deadly. It’s like a rollercoaster ride through your darkest fears, with more twists and turns than a haunted maze on steroids. So, grab your courage, and let’s dive into Haunt – where the screams are real, and the exits are nowhere to be found.

9. ‘Night of the Demons'(1988) – Directed by Kevin S. Tenney

Alright, so “Night of the Demons” in ’88, it’s your classic ’80s horror flick. A bunch of teenagers decide to party at an abandoned funeral home on Halloween night. Real genius move, right? Well, turns out the place is possessed by some seriously nasty demons, and things get freaky. There’s a lot of creepy makeup, wild dance sequences, and some gruesome deaths. It’s like a mix of spooky, cheesy, and totally ’80s, all wrapped up in one scary, demon-filled night. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, screaming at these kids to get out of there.

10. ‘Hellbent'(2004) – Directed by Paul Etheredge-Ouzts

Hellbent is the kind of horror that takes Halloween to a whole new level! Picture this: a killer is on the loose in West Hollywood during the wildest Halloween bash you’ve ever seen. It’s like Mardi Gras meets the slasher genre, with a rainbow twist. Trust me, it’s got more thrills, chills, and spills than a haunted house on roller skates. So, grab your glitter and your survival instincts because Hellbent is one helluva good time.

11.The Crow'(1994) – Directed by Alex Proyas

The Crow“, man, it’s dark, gritty, and it’s like the ultimate revenge story. Eric Draven comes back from the dead to avenge his own murder and the death of his fiancée. He’s got face paint, he’s got a wicked costume, and he’s out for justice in a crime-ridden city. It’s got this moody, atmospheric vibe like it’s constantly Halloween night. Plus, there’s a killer soundtrack. But remember, it’s also wrapped up in some tragedy, so it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It’s like the superhero movie for the goth crowd, and dude, I’m about that goth clout.

12. ‘Ginger Snaps'(2000) – Directed by John Fawcett

Ginger Snaps is the ultimate puberty-meets-werewolf tale you never knew you needed! Meet Ginger and Brigitte, two death-obsessed sisters who find themselves in a hair-raising situation when one of them gets bitten by a lycanthropic critter. It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Mean Girls, but with fur and fangs. This movie’s got more girl power and gore than you can shake a silver bullet at. Sink your teeth into Ginger Snaps, because high school has never been this hairy.

13. ‘Idle Hands'(1999) – Directed by Rodman Flender

Alright, hold onto your severed limbs, ’cause Idle Hands is a stoner’s worst nightmare, but a personal favorite of mine! Anton’s got a little problem; his right hand’s gone all psycho-killer on him, and it’s up to him, his buddies, and a hot, demon-hunting girl to save the day. It’s like Evil Dead meets Cheech and Chong, with more laughs and gore than you can shake a hand at. So, grab your snacks and enjoy this hilarious, high-octane horror-comedy where the real battle is between the munchies and the monsters!

14. ‘Donnie Darko’ (2001) – Directed by Richard Kelly

Donnie Darko, a high school kid with a knack for bending time, encounters a giant, creepy rabbit named Frank who tells him the world’s gonna end. Donnie’s got 28 days to figure out the cosmic puzzle, navigate the weirdness of his family and classmates, and maybe, just maybe, prevent doomsday. It’s a mind-bending journey into teenage angst, time loops, and the absurdity of life itself.

15.Tales of Halloween'(2015) – Directed by Various

Tales of Halloween‘ is a wickedly fun anthology of spooky stories set on the spookiest night of the year. You’ve got everything from killer pumpkins to vengeful ghosts, all wrapped up in the chaos of Halloween night. It’s a mashup of frights, laughs, and a whole lot of trick-or-treat insanity. So, grab your candy, put on your costume, and get ready for a Halloween night that’s weirder than neighbors’ meatloaf.

16. ‘The Lords of Salem'(2012) – Directed by Rob Zombie

The Lords of Salem‘ is a trippy horror flick from Rob Zombie that takes you on a psychedelic nightmare ride. Picture this: a cursed record awakens ancient, evil forces in Salem, wreaking havoc on a local DJ. It’s a creepy, atmospheric journey into the heart of witchcraft and madness, where reality and hallucination blur. Get ready for a head-spinning, spooky experience that’ll leave you questioning what’s real and what’s just a bad trip.

17. ‘The Pumpkin Karver'(2006) – Directed by Robert Mann

The Pumpkin Karver! It’s Halloween, and in a small town, a sinister figure starts creating Jack-o’-lanterns that are more nightmare than nightlight. When a group of friends decides to investigate, they’re in for a real treat… or should I say trick? This one’s like your favorite Halloween prank turned deadly, with more twists than a bag of candy corn. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to face the spookiest pumpkin carver in town.

18. ‘Jack-O'(1995) – Directed by Steve Latshaw

A cursed pumpkin-headed demon called Jack-O comes back for vengeance on Halloween night, and it’s up to a plucky kid and his grandpa to stop this squashy nightmare. Think Freddy Krueger with a pumpkin for a head, a few ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ moments, and more pumpkins than you can carve in a month. So, grab your popcorn and embrace the cheesy scares in Jack-O, a Halloween treat that’s both corny and delicious.

19. ‘Trick or Treat'(1986) – Directed by Charles Martin Smith

When a kid named Eddie resurrects his dead rock idol through a vinyl record, all hell breaks loose. It’s like ’80s hair bands meet supernatural shenanigans, with killer guitar solos and killer demons to boot. So, crank up the volume, dust off your leather jacket, and prepare for a rock ‘n’ roll Halloween you won’t soon forget in Trick or Treat.

20. ‘Lady in White'(1988) – Directed by Frank LaLoggia

Lady in White‘ from 1988 is a nostalgic trip back to small-town spookiness. You’ve got a kid who gets locked in his school’s cloakroom and witnesses a ghostly murder. Now, he’s gotta unravel the mystery of the ‘Lady in White’ and clear the name of the wrongfully accused. It’s a coming-of-age tale with a supernatural twist, set against the backdrop of Halloween. If you’re in the mood for some eerie nostalgia and a few goosebumps along the way, this one’s a classic pick.

21. ‘Cobweb'(2023) – Directed by Samuel Bodin

Poor Peter’s got creepy parents, a ghostly sister in the walls, and a bully problem that escalates quickly. But guess what? Family dinners get a deadly makeover, and the sister turns out to be the real nightmare! It’s a twisted Halloween comedy that’ll have you checking your walls for secrets.

22. ‘V/H/S'(segment 10/31/98) (2012) – Directed by Radio Silence

Alright, I can never stop talking about the VHS anthologies, theyre a treasure, specifically the segment 10/31/98! It’s Halloween night, and a bunch of dudes heads out to a supposedly haunted house for a spooky time. But guess what? Things get really freaky, real fast, when they stumble upon some seriously sinister stuff happening inside. It’s like a haunted house tour gone wrong, and it’s got more jump scares than you can shake a skeleton hand at. So, get your popcorn ready and turn off the lights ’cause V/H/S 10/31/98 is the found-footage frightfest that’ll make you sleep with the nightlight on.

23. ‘House of 1000 Corpses'(2003) – Directed by Rob Zombie

House of 1000 Corpses‘ is like a psychedelic trip through the most twisted, backwoods horror you can imagine. You’ve got a group of folks taking a detour on their road trip and stumbling upon a family of deranged, homicidal maniacs. It’s a carnival of chaos, filled with freaky characters, sadistic games, and enough weirdness to make your head spin faster than a tilt-a-whirl. If you’re into over-the-top, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style madness with a sprinkle of dark humor, well, this house isn’t for sale, but it’s open for a gruesome tour.

24. ‘Satan’s Little Helper'(2004) – Directed by Jeff Liberman

It’s Halloween, and a young kid named Dougie teams up with a dude dressed as Satan, thinking it’s all just a game. But guess what? This ain’t no ordinary Halloween hijinks; it’s a real-life nightmare of murder and mayhem. It’s like a twisted game of ‘Trick or Treat,’ where the trick’s on you, big time! So, if you’re up for a devilishly dark comedy-horror flick that’ll leave you questioning your costume choices, Satan’s Little Helper is your ticket to Halloween hell.

25. ‘Murder Party'(2007) – Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

Murder Party‘ is a Halloween tale gone horribly wrong. You’ve got a lonely guy who decides to attend what he thinks is a costume party, but surprise, it’s a bunch of art students with murderous intentions. It’s a blend of dark comedy and horror that’ll have you thinking twice about accepting random party invites. With quirky characters and a whole lot of blood, it’s a party you won’t soon forget. So, put on your costume and be careful where you RSVP because this party’s to die for.

26. ‘Hell House LLC'(2015) – Directed by Stephen Cognetti

Hell House LLC is the found-footage freakout you’ve been waiting for! It’s about this crew of daredevil haunters who set up a haunted house attraction in an abandoned hotel, but it turns out the place is way more haunted than they bargained for. It’s like Paranormal Activity meets your worst fears about creepy old hotels. This movie’s got chills, thrills, and enough scares to make you think twice about working in the haunted house biz. So, turn off the lights, grab a security blanket, and let Hell House LLC give you a tour of terror you won’t forget!

27. Trick'(2019) – Directed by Patrick Lussier

It’s Halloween night, and there’s a serial killer on the loose with a penchant for going all stabby-stab in different costumes. It’s like the ultimate game of ‘Guess Who’s the Psycho?’ These kids gotta unmask this mystery murderer before they become his next treat. Think Scream meets your favorite slasher flick, with more tricks than a bag of Halloween candy. So, grab your popcorn and prepare for some twisted tricks and treats in Trick.

28. ‘The Barn'(2016) – Directed by Justin M Seaman

It’s a throwback to the good ol’ ’80s, a love letter to the golden age of slasher flicks. A group of friends heads out for Halloween night, and they accidentally awaken three demonic trick-or-treaters out for blood. It’s like the ultimate Halloween party turned into a nightmarish slaughter-fest, with pumpkins, pitchforks, and pure ’80s nostalgia galore. So, grab your favorite VHS tapes, and get ready for a dose of retro horror in The Barn that’ll have you screaming and laughing at the same time.

29. ‘Boo'(2005) – Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

It’s like your typical haunted asylum story, but with a twist. A group of friends decides to explore an abandoned insane asylum on Halloween night, and guess what? They awaken something truly sinister. It’s like Paranormal Activity meets a mental hospital, with more jump scares than a jack-in-the-box on steroids. So, if you’re looking for a spooky night in with your buddies, Boo‘s the flick that’ll make you scream, laugh, and maybe even question your choice of Halloween hangout spots.

30. ‘The Scarehouse'(2014) – Directed by Gavin Michael Booth

It’s like Saw with a wicked sense of humor, where a group of friends decides to turn an abandoned factory into the ultimate haunted house. But guess what? It’s not all fake scares and rubber monsters; someone’s got a real bone to pick, and they’re about to turn this thrill ride into a bloodbath. It’s like a rollercoaster of revenge, with twists, traps, and terror around every corner. So, grab your tickets, because The Scarehouse is the horror maze that’ll have you screaming for more.

31. 31′(2016) – Directed by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie’s at it again, serving up a bloody carnival of chaos. Picture this: a group of carnival workers kidnapped and thrown into a deadly game of survival called ’31.’ They’ve got to fight off killer clowns, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, and other freaky foes for 12 hours straight. It’s like The Running Man meets House of 1000 Corpses, with Zombie’s signature style turned up to 11! So, if you’re up for a nightmarish thrill ride that’ll make your head spin faster than a carnival ride, 31’s your twisted ticket to terror.

Final Thoughts?

Well, there you have it, you sick, twisted individuals – 31 horror movies that’ll leave you questioning your life choices and your ability to maintain any level of sanity. Halloween is the one day a year when grown-ups can dress like freaks and give candy to kids without getting arrested, so just remember, the true horror is trying to squeeze into your jeans after devouring all those miniature candy bars. So, whether you’re planning a movie marathon, dressing up as something that would make your grandma blush, or just waiting for the post-Halloween candy sales to stock up, I hope you have a filthy good time. Now, go out there, and embrace the debauchery of Halloween.

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