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7 Fun Things To Know About Schwarzenegger’s ‘PREDATOR’ (1987)


It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 35 years since Dutch Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) first told us to “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” Schwarzenegger’s Predator was released on June 12, 1987. I bet there are a few things you still didn’t know about this action thriller. PopHorror has compiled a …

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VFX Heavy Thriller ‘BEHEMOTH’ Arrives On Digital Platforms This August


BEHEMOTH is the stunning, VFX-heavy directorial debut of digital artist Peter Sefchik, whose lengthy career began at George Lucas’ legendary Skywalker Ranch. His most notable past projects include AVATAR and the HARRY POTTER, SHREK, and STAR WARS franchises. He also serves as BEHEMOTH’s Co-writer, Producer, and VFX Supervisor. The film’s …

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95 Years Of Silence: Celebrating ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ (1925)

Universal tested the horror waters on September 6, 1925, at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco when they released The Phantom of the Opera. Now, ninety-five years later, the film still stands the test of time and is still one of the most influential horror films ever. The movie was …

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The Universal Monsters: A Look At The Monsters That Made Us—Part 1

Universal Studios gave birth to some of the greatest films of all time, from Jaws (1975 – read one of our writer’s thoughts on the film here) to Jurassic Park (1993). There is no denying their legacy and power in the film industry. However, Universal’s bread and butter has always …

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‘Gamera: The Complete Collection’ Coming From Arrow Video

Available for the first time ever worldwide, all twelve adventures of everyone’s favorite titanic terrapin are collected together in one deluxe Blu-ray boxed set. That’s right! From Arrow Video comes Gamera: The Complete Collection. Your Blu-ray player and HDTV will never be the same! Check out the trailer below, then …

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Movie Review: ‘Underwater’ (2020): A Solid Yet Claustrophobic Monster Movie

Okay, let me start by saying two things. First, I love monster movies. And second, I like Kristen Stewart. She gets a bad rap for what? Being in a kids’ movie? Big deal. Director William Eubank’s Underwater gives us both of these things, and I am here for it.  Underwater …

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Behind the Scenes – 2019 Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Cast Auditions

Have you ever wondered what the process of auditioning for your favorite Halloween haunts would be like? I’ve considered trying out for them year after year, ever since I turned 18. Yet, after reading and hearing about what takes place, I felt I wasn’t quite ready. This past weekend, I …

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Environmental Horror Wreaks Havoc in 2018’s ‘Strange Nature’ – Movie Review

In his first time directing a feature length movie, special effects and makeup artist James Ojala goes high concept. His feature film debut, Strange Nature, was released in September of 2018. It appeared on VOD and disc (including being seen by this reviewer at Walmart). This low budget nature/environmental horror …

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New UK Horror Series ‘Devil’s Gold’ Is Out Now!

Devil's Gold

Devil’s Gold is a terrifying new series set in war-torn Poland. It begins just days after Hitler’s death. The action-horror series features Nazis, monsters, demons, and treasure hunting. Intrigued? You should be! The series released October 7 and is available now for your viewing pleasure. Check out the teaser trailer below, then …

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