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Funding For ‘Fragmentary’ Is Well Under Way!

From the creators of Lead Me Astray comes a new project called Fragmentary, the directorial debut for actor Jace Pickard. The production is in the “gathering funds” stage, which can be very iffy and nerve-wracking for many a filmmaker, especially a first timer like Pickard. But that uncertainty has not stopped him from …

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Lead Me Astray (2015): A Feral Horror Debut

Producing a full feature psychological horror film with an approximate budget of $10,000 AUD ($7,422.95 USD) can be a tricky endeavor. However, Australian thriller Lead Me Astray accomplishes this and more in its 90-minute runtime. The movie captivates the audience with the mystery surrounding Alexis (Jace Pickard), a veterinary student with a …

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