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Full Moon and Jim Wynorski Teaming For ‘KILLBOTS’ (2023)


Writer/Director Jim Wynorski is the king of B-Movies, boobs, and blood. Over the years he’s written, directed, and/or produced nearly 200 low-budget sci-fi and horror films, including Chopping Mall, Deathstalker 2, and Forbidden World. More recently Wynorski joined forces with Charles Band and Full Moon Features to make 50 Foot …

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‘Chopping Mall’ (1986): 30 Years Later!

For many of us, our horror obsessions started at a young age and involved fond memories of the video store. There was something magical about browsing worn down VHS boxes with cheesy (or sometimes terrifying) cover art. It was during one of these memorable excursions that I was first introduced …

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