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‘COLONIALS’ (2023) Proves You Can Do High-Concept Indie Sci-Fi

What If Humans Succefully Colonized Mars? In Epic Pictures‘ indie sci-fi Colonials, we’re introduced to a reality where humans successfully colonized Mars for around 60 years or so. As a direct result, humans have evolved to be a little more than average. Stronger, bigger, longer life expectancy. They also call …

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Mahal Empire Release: Adam Werth’s ‘BERMUDA ISLAND’ (2023) – Film Review

Bermuda Island

I grew up in a generation that feared three things: Quicksand, leeches, and the Bermuda Triangle. I never really thought that past the Triangle there was an island. Bermuda Island is the latest Mahal Empire adventure. An intriguing title that definitely caught my attention. To be honest, after reviewing both …

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Tory Jones’s ‘They See You’ Exclusive Trailer Reveal!

I’m a huge fan of Tory Jones. I was blown away by the intensity of his debut The Wicked One, fell in love with his follow-up Angel, and was blown away yet again by how The Wicked Ones upped the intensity and violence of the original film. I’ve been anxiously …

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