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Horror Coming To Netflix For February 2019

It’s about that time when we say goodbye to some of the horror movies and TV shows on Netflix, but also get to celebrate the ones coming out in the following month. Below is a list of everything coming and leaving Netflix in February 2019.  Arriving February 1st Final Destination …

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Miskatonic L.A. Announces ‘Underwater Horror’ Lecture

Miskatonic L.A. Presents - Underwater Horror

Named for the fictional university in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary works, the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an international organization that offers university level history, theory and production-based master classes for horror fans of all ages. Miskatonic L.A. welcomes lecturer and award-winning film and television director Rebekah McKendry, PhD to talk about …

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‘Bad CGI Sharks’ Will Deliver Exactly What It Promises

Who says there’s no truth in advertising? You’re gonna need a bigger Goofy Meter to measure Bad CGI Sharks, the new indie horror comedy that asks the crucial question: “Do we need another wacky shark movie?” After viewing the trailer and other promotional materials, I can answer with a resounding, …

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‘Jaws IV: The Revenge’ Gets a 21st Century Facelift

Over the weekend, Jaws‘ bigger, fatter, much older brother took to the cinema with Jason Statham in The Meg (check out our review of the film here). The film opened to a worldwide audience and racked in $148 million for its troubles. It’s worth noting its production budget was just $150 million so …

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‘The Meg’ (2018) Movie Review – Does Killer Shark = Killer Thrills?

Every summer should have some sort of aquatic horror film. It should be a yearly mandatory submission for all major studios. Saltwater, freshwater, it can be their choice, but something should hit the screen that makes us a little less cavalier about swimming anywhere that isn’t man-made and chlorinated. Sunburned …

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10 Franchises That Could Benefit From A Little Re-imaginative Tweaking

Reboots, remakes and re-imaginings… Horror fans often hate them, but there may just be a few franchises that would benefit from some new – or at least different – talent behind the wheel. Here’s a list of horror reboots that wouldn’t be controversial! Remake #10 – Ghoulies I have a …

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More Footage in Epic New Trailer for ‘The Meg’

the meg

I’ve wanted to see The Meg ever since I heard first about it. I love man vs natural films and shark ones are always the best. Although nothing will ever live up to the greatness of Jaws, I have no doubt that it will be a fun-filled ride that everyone will …

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Fright-Rags: ‘Jaws’ & ‘Child’s Play’ Collections, Plus A Re-Issue for ‘Friday the 13th’!


Fright-Rags… If you haven’t heard of them, you are missing out on one of the top sellers of merchandise to feed our need for horror items. They consistently release awesome collections and re-issues of popular items for all of our beloved horror franchises. They have announced Jaws, Child’s Play and …

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30th Anniversary of Shark Week Schedule Announced!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas… it’s Shark Week! The most bloodthirsty and death-defying horror holiday (besides Halloween, of course) is approaching quickly, and Discovery Channel is celebrating a milestone… 30 years of sharks! Entertainment Weekly has released a full schedule and we just …

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