BUFF 2018: ‘My Monster’ – Horror Short Review

It’s festival season and I’m super stoked to be covering the 2018 Boston Underground Film Festival. It’s an amazing festival chock-full of wonderful films and talented filmmakers. Next up is Izzy Lee’s My Monster, which is having its world premiere today!

Nihil Noctem Films presents My Monster, a film directed, written, and produced by Izzy Lee. It was executive produced by Richard Stringham in association with S & Drive Cinema. The cast includes Brea Grant, Adam Egypt Mortimer, and Steve Johanson.

The film follows a young woman (Grant), who for weeks has been hearing something lurking around in the middle of the night. What could it be and will it change things forever?

Honestly, I love everything Izzy Lee does. She is driven by a unique and creative talent that I think stands out above others. Although I think she has some signature marks, she always surprises me, especially with My Monster.

This story starts out pretty creepy. Something is stalking this poor woman and she can’t sleep right. The viewer doesn’t know what to expect, but the tension of what’s to come keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, this brilliant twist will surprise you and perhaps leave as little smirk on your face.

The monster itself is pretty awesome looking. The makeup and special effects were fun and well done. Once again, some of the effects surprised me. There’s so much mystery behind this creature and I would love to know more.

Final Thoughts on My Monster:

Overall, I was so excited to finally see this one. I know it’s a project that Izzy Lee is super excited to share with the world and she should be. It’s fun, creative, with some delicious twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Be sure to check My Monster out when you can!

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