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‘Jason Goes to Hell’ turns 25!

August 13, 2018 is the quarter century mark for Director Adam Marcus’ debut feature, Jason Goes to Hell. The film also marked the return of Sean S. Cunningham who co-created and directed the first Friday the 13th. It was tagged as the final Friday, but luckily for us, it would not …

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Adam Marcus Is Ready To Pay: Creighton Duke’s Return!

creighton duke, horror, jgth

It seems as if 2018 is the year of finally giving horror fans what they want. First, there was the highly anticipated Halloween sequel in October, horror gaming has been at its prime lately, and now news broke that Adam Marcus is thinking about doing a movie completely dedicated to …

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PopHorror Interviews ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ & ‘Secret Santa’ Director Adam Marcus – Part 1

I recently had a horror fan’s dream fall in to my lap. I was offered the chance to interview horror director Adam Marcus. We had two big things to discuss. First, I had to ask about the documentary about the making of Jason Goes to Hell, and I also got to …

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‘Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees’ Documentary Announced!

The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees

Director Nick Hunt and Producer Johnny Macabre send word of a new Documentary commemorating the 25th anniversary of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday! Produced by Final Friday director Adam Marcus himself, the project is titled: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees: The Making of the Final Friday! Read on …

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AMC FearFest 2017 – What Are You Most Excited to See?

amc fear fest 2017

Now that it’s October, we want to make sure all of our readers are horror-educated on where to find the best films this month. AMC FearFest is known for their great selection and it’s become a yearly tradition for many fans of the genre.  Sadly, this year, AMC FearFest will only …

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Fans Create Petition For ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ Definitive Director’s Cut

jason goes to hell

Horror fans love petitions to help create and raise awareness to things they (we) are passionate about. In the past month, there’s been quite a few, however, there’s a new one out that’s gaining some reach. Two dedicated fans are calling out other Friday the 13th fans to help sign …

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