7 Best Doll/Toy Horror Movies

In the new thrilling horror movie, The Boy, directed by William Brent Bell, a nanny takes on a job in a remote English village to escape her troubles and babysit a boy who turns out to be porcelain doll… and it only becomes stranger from there! Killer dolls/toys are always a fan favorite for many reasons including the idea that the creepy doll in your closet may or may not be possessed…waiting for its opportunity to kill! We’ve decided to reflect back on your favorite doll/toy horror movies throughout the decades with seven movies you must see!


7. Annabelle (2014)
Annabelle’s debut was in the popular horror film, The Conjuring (2013), but a year later she got her own story in a prequel and spinoff to frighten audiences with; causing them to never own a doll ever again! In the movie, a couple is expecting a new child, and the husband gives his wife a gift, Annabelle, to add to her beloved doll collection. But Annabelle is not like the other dolls and soon after arrives supernatural occurrences begin to happen and risks the lives of everyone around them. But no one ever wants to believe a doll is the root of all their problems. Will they discover what is causing the evil forces around them before it’s too late?

6. PuppetMaster (1989)
This movie is sure to creep out – give goose bumps – to any person who has a fear of puppets! Puppetmaster is a horror classic among the best and because of its popularity it has become a series, including 10 movies of frightening fun! In the original, two psychics are plotted against by a former colleague who is using puppets under an Egyptian spell to do his dirty work.

5. Saw (2004)
The Saw franchise is another popular one among fans, including 7 movies in the series. It’s a psychological mind-bending adventure that makes audiences wonder what they would do if put in that position. Would you kill to live, how far would you go to survive? Jigsaw is the mastermind behind the scenes, but the iconic Billy the Puppet is what fans remember the most and often dress up as for Halloween. Jigsaw uses Billy to communicate with his test subjects via recorded messages or TV screens and is often the last thing the victims ever see.

4. Dolls (1987)

DOLLS, 1987 © Empire Pictures /
A classic and favorite among many horror fans, Dolls is a must see for any horror fan! When caught in a crazy thunderstorm, a group of people seek shelter in a mansion. The elderly couple who reside there are toymakers, and their home is bombarded with toys of all kinds. As the night grows long at the mansion, the group discovers the toys are more than what they appear to be, and one by one become victims by them.

3. Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist is known as one of the best ghost/supernatural stories ever made. With its great cast and storyline, what’s not to love? A family moves into a home and soon after weird, paranormal things begin to happen, including furniture moving by itself. But when their daughter Carol Anne becomes victim to the poltergeists, they’ll do anything to get her back and discover the truth behind the house! But one can’t forget the iconic toy that had people covering their heads and sending chills up their spine whenever it appeared – the possessed clown toy!

2. Dead Silence (2007)7f_horrifyingmoviedolls05
Ventriloquist dolls have never been more creepy than in the movie Dead Silence! One night a couple receives a gift, a wooden ventriloquist doll named Billy along with a poem about a woman named Mary Shaw. Soon after, his wife dies without any explanation causing him to flee to his hometown searching for answers about the doll and the story behind Mary Shaw. This movie is full of creepy dolls, but Billy is without a doubt the creepiest as you learn more about the dolls and their story, you’ll never sleep with both eyes closed again when a doll is around!

1. Child’s Play (1988)
Chucky-an-ANdy-andy-barclay-25674212-720-384Child’s Play stars one of the most iconic dolls over the decades, Chucky, the good guy doll. Not knowing what trouble is in store for her, a struggling single mother buys her son, Andy, a popular doll for his birthday. Soon after, the dolls cute catch phrases, “Hi, I’m Chucky, want to play?” become all too real as he begins to walk and talk on his own. Residing in Chucky is the soul of notorious serial killer, Charles Lee Ray! And Andy must fight for his life as Chucky is determined to take over his body so he can become human again.



These are the 7 doll/toy horror movies throughout the decades that have become favorites among the horror community. I personally won’t keep any dolls that creep me out in my home. I’m not taking any chances, including furby’s! Have you seen all of them? Which one do you like best? When making your own list, make sure to go see The Boy which is in theaters now…it just may be your new favorite!

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