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In Defense Of Extreme Horror Films

Extreme horror films don’t get a lot of respect, and are often called unwatchable, torture porn, and even garbage. It’s understandable – it’s not a genre for everyone. For me, the violence has never been a problem as long as the filmmaker doesn’t just show it for no reason. When …

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My Top 10 Favorite Vincent Cassel Roles

Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel is not your typical-looking leading man, with a long, hawklike face and a history of tough guy roles. But whatever he lacks in stereotypical good looks he makes up for a million times in his own brand of casual charisma. He’s played the villain more often than the …

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After 20 Years, ‘IRREVERSIBLE’ Remains a Brutal Watch, No Matter How You Cut It


Twenty years ago I overheard a coworker talking about a film that was so shocking that he couldn’t sleep that night. That film was Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible. My coworker begged me not to watch it. Challenge accepted! I went that very evening to my local art house theater and saw …

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One PopHorror Writer’s Top 5 Most Extreme Horror Movies

Growing up, I remember walking down the video store aisles looking at all the horror movies. I was old enough to watch some films, but with horror, it wasn’t going to happen based on the content. My parents just wouldn’t rent them for me. So, I was stuck catching any …

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‘Nekrotronic’ Borrows Heavily From Genre Staples To Deliver A Fun, Gory Hellride – Movie Review

Nekrotronic (2018) is probably the only movie I’ve seen with a hero who is described as a “down on his luck sewage worker.” And it’s almost CERTAINLY the only movie where Italian model and screen goddess Monica Bellucci (Irréversible 2002) gets shotgunned out of a tall building and lands in …

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Gaspar Noe Hits A Hallucinogenic High Note With ‘Climax’ (2018)

There’s simply no denying that Gaspar Noé is one of modern cinema’s most revered filmmakers… or perhaps, most reviled, depending on your opinion. Alongside peers like Lars Von Trier and Darren Aronofsky, Noé has set the bar for breathtaking artistry and a confrontational film style that completely spits in the …

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How A Woman Tells Rape-Revenge Differently – An Indepth Look At Coralie Fargeat’s ‘Revenge’

The rape-revenge subgenre is the red-headed stepchild of horror, and maybe it should be. Historically, it is a fixation on sexual violence against women written and directed by men. It is hard not to view the products as exploitive when they are all male voices telling of a female experience. …

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