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John Carpenter’s ‘THE THING’ (1982): 40 Years, 40 Memes

Spider-Man Meme - The Thing

John Carpenter’s masterpiece, THE THING (1982), turns 40 years old in 2022. The film returned to theaters recently thanks to Fathom Events. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d love to watch it on the big screen at least once a year. About the only thing I love as …

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The Best Horror-Themed COVID-19 Memes… So Far

Stay In

Times are tough. We’re all stressed out. People are out of work. The stock market is tanking. Let’s face it: it’s a shit show out there! So, how is everyone coping? Why, the best they can, of course! Just as we all must do. One thing I’ve found that helps …

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‘Ghostface’ Photobombs Michigan Real Estate Listing


“Hello, Sidney.” Or should I say, “Hello Michigan?” Ghostface, the infamous serial killer persona from the Scream film franchise, took a break from terrorizing the kids of Woodsboro, California, to make an appearance at the great lakes. What craziness is this? I’m talking about the hilarious Century 21 real estate …

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15 Of The Best ‘Bird Box’ Memes We’ve Seen (So Far)!

Sandra Bullock’s post apocalyptic film¬†Bird Box has taken social media by storm. The Netflix original film was streamed by a staggering 45 million plus accounts in the weeks following its release. The reaction has been polarizing, to say the least: people love it or hate it. Our reviewer was not …

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Miskatonic NYC Lecture Tackles Humor and Horror

Miskatonic Institute

Miskatonic University New York City is hosting another event in its ongoing horror lecture series. The subject? Humor and horror! The lecture is entitled: HA! AAAH! The Painful Relationship Between Humor and Horror. The speaker? Guest lecturer David Misch. David is an Emmy Nominated writer best known for his work …

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