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Going back to 2012 – A Review of ‘Slender Man’ by Anonymous (Book Review)

I think it’s safe to say that a majority of people in this day in age have at least heard of the name Slenderman. According to Wikipedia, he was created as a CreepyPasta internet meme created by Eric Knudsen (also known as Victor Surge) in 2009 on a website called …

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Anthology Book Review – BLOOD RITES (2013)

Anthologies are a favorite of mine because they give you the opportunity to sample the work of various authors. Those enjoyed can be sought out while those providing zero thrills can be forgotten. In Blood Rites, an anthology of psychological horror from Blood Bound Books, there are plenty of authors …

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‘The Rest Will Come’ by Christina Bergling – Book Review

When asked if I wanted to read The Rest Will Come, I snatched up the opportunity in a heartbeat. I had not read Christina Bergling yet and this book was actually on my Amazon book list since it seemed to have a lot of elements that I enjoy in a …

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