‘The Rest Will Come’ by Christina Bergling – Book Review

When asked if I wanted to read The Rest Will Come, I snatched up the opportunity in a heartbeat. I had not read Christina Bergling yet and this book was actually on my Amazon book list since it seemed to have a lot of elements that I enjoy in a book. The Rest Will Come satisfied and impressed me with plot twists, clever kills, dark comedy and an interesting characters that I could relate to. I absolutely love this book and totally recommend it!

Official Blurb

Murder can be risky…and not just for the douchebags on the business end of Emma’s power saw. Men only let Emma down. They cheat, and they lie. They send unsolicited pictures of their genitals. Ready to give up hope, Emma decides to go on one last date. Then it finally happens — she finds the thing she loves most of all. Killing clueless jerks she finds on the internet. Lost in a happy haze of hunting her victims, devising increasingly-clever killings, and streamlining her dismemberment process, Emma gets careless. As her need for her murderous outlet grows, she runs an increasing risk of getting caught…or worse — falling for one of her victims.

My Thoughts

The Rest Will Come was a fast read for me. It took me about two days from start to finish, and that’s only because I had to work. I was hooked on Emma and her cleverness. The story isn’t all blood and kills. There is a well-developed story here and the characters, including Emma, are relatable. Everyone has a breaking point, but most of us do not become killers. But I believe most of us have had to deal with the same issues that Emma has. Having your heart ripped out by someone you loved. Realizing that the person you chose to marry wasn’t really the one and you knew it all along. Demons from your childhood coming to haunt you. A desire to have the life you dreamed about and it isn’t happening for you.

Emma sets up an online dating profile and begins dating. She wants to find a husband and have the family she yearns for. She gets her share of unwanted genital photos and inappropriate messages. She reaches her breaking point when she meets Mark on a date in a dive bar and then he decides he doesn’t want to pursue the date any further. From there, it is a story of self-discovery for Emma. She loves killing these unsuspecting men. She loves researching and finding new ways to get rid of these jerks. During this time, she begins to feel empowered and finds her true self, leaving her old self behind. But as you would suspect, she begins to get sloppy while she is enthralled in her kills. Does she continue her murder spree? Does she find her true love and have the family of her dreams? You will have to read The Rest will Come to find out!

Final Thoughts

Go read this book! I absolutely recommend it. It’s a fast-paced read that will definitely get your heart rate up. Creative kills, plot twists and constant pondering, Will Emma get caught? Who will she pick next and how are they going to die? Not just gore, this is a really relatable story. The ending is a great twist! You may purchase the book here. Read my Q & A with the author right here!

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