Shock Rock Mistress Miss Cherry Delight Releases Re-Mix of “Scorpio Witch” Called “Planet Scorpio (Ghost Stories Remix)”

Rock and Roll goes with horror like bullets and guns (Lost Boys pun intended), and it’s never a stretch to see a horror-inspired singer or musician meld both genres into a perfect brew of imagery and sound. Miss Cherry Delight is anything but conventional, and her catalogue consists of songs with titles like ‘Oxytocin,” “Ultimate Sinner,” and “Cherry Blood.”  Her latest, “Planet Scorpio (Ghost Stories Remix),” is a remix of a single from her album, Eat the Evidence.

From the official press release:

Cherry’s new single is a pulse pounding never ending beat of beauty and terror, calling to mind the Blood Rave scene in Blade or the unstoppable adrenaline of Crank.
Photo credit: Brad Price

Says Cherry on her new track:

“When you look up ancient medical astrology charts, you see all the zodiac signs are associated with different parts of the body. Leo rules the heart. Aries rules the head. And where is Scorpio? Yep. The sex organs. And there’s a reason why. We can’t help it! It’s who we are, and it’s what we do best, and it’s been well documented since the Middle Ages. That’s what the “Planet Scorpio (Ghost Stories Remix)” track is. This remix is me rounding up my Scorpio army and commanding them to go forth and do what Scorpios are famous for, which is testing the limits of pleasure, and then setting a new record.”

Lead guitarist and producer Justin Ethan Matthews had this to say:

“It’s been amazing hearing Ghost Stories’ take on Cherry’s music. The original track was tapey and maybe even a little soulful. The remix imagines that soul run through a blender. Dance versions of rock tunes don’t always work, but when they do, they’re spectacular. Grateful and humbled to be involved.”

Says co-producer Ghost Stories:

“I was inspired by EBM acts like Gesaffelstein and The Hacker, along with some old Shapednoise records I listened to for the first time in a while. The bass for “Planet Scorpio (Ghost Stories Remix)” I styled after an acid bass, something that, if sped up, would be programmed on a 303.”

Listen to the new single here:

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