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Interview With ‘Wrong Turn’ Actor Dylan McTee

It’s me again. I still hate camping, but I’m back to continue our discussion about the new retelling of Wrong Turn. This time I chatted with newcomer Dylan McTee, who brings to life Adam. Adam is the friend that you’re not sure if you love him or just merely tolerate …

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Movie Review: ‘Wrong Turn: The Foundation’ (2021): Backwoods Horror With A Twist

Wrong Turn

Many of us grew up with the Wrong Turn franchise, and know that those films hold a special place in our hearts. Although I was hesitant about the announcement for the reimagining of Wrong Turn, the trailer, poster, and stills looked promising. The film was directed by Mike P. Nelson (read …

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‘The Wind’ (2019) Movie Review: An Unsettling Masterpiece

the wind

Every year IFC Midnight pushes out unique and brilliant horror films one after another. They continue to impress and their 2019 releases are exceptional thus far. This stands strong with their new supernatural western The Wind. This mysterious new horror story is the directorial debut of Emma Tammi. It is …

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‘Midnighters’ (2018) New Year, New Movie Review

Starting a new year for most people means a fresh start. People believe a new year can bring new beginnings. This is their chance for a do-over. “New Year, New me, blah, blah, blah”. We’ve all heard the new year’s resolutions a thousand times, but 99.9% don’t even make it …

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Interview with Actress Alex Essoe, Star of Midnighters

Alex Essoe

Alex Essoe is a rising star in Hollywood with critically acclaimed films under her belt such as Starry Eyes and horror films like Tales from Halloween. In her latest film, Midnighters (you can read our review here), Alex plays Lindsey who starts out having a fun New Year’s Eve only to …

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