Interview With ‘Wrong Turn’ Actor Dylan McTee

It’s me again. I still hate camping, but I’m back to continue our discussion about the new retelling of Wrong Turn. This time I chatted with newcomer Dylan McTee, who brings to life Adam. Adam is the friend that you’re not sure if you love him or just merely tolerate his existence. Either way, Dylan is pretty rad, and we talked about why he wanted to play this character, what he loves about the genre, and of course, horror movies.

Oh, and there are some SPOILERS in here, so read with caution if you haven’t seen it.

PopHorror: I watched Wrong Turn last week, and I love the turn it took. I love that it was so different from the original, so I’m really excited to talk to you about it.

Dylan McTee: That’s awesome! Me personally, I really liked watching it as well, which is not always the case with stuff that I’m in.

PopHorror: Right? I can imagine.

Dylan McTee: This time I’m like, “What’s going to happen?”

PopHorror: So what was it that intrigued you about the film and made you want to be a part of it?

Dylan McTee: What really drew me to this project was the way in which McElroy—who’s the writer of the original one, Alan McElroy—the way he infused a truly classic slasher film with… Not in your face, but a little bit of some of the most troubling social issues today, which is division. I think that in many ways, we’re all a little bit too quick to judge, and in the universe of this film, that gets you killed. And that seemed like something really fun to explore.

PopHorror: I did feel like there was a lot of representation in it, and diversity. I liked the inclusion in it.

Dylan McTee: Yeah, I loved that element. You watch the original and it’s just like… everyone looks exactly the same.

PopHorror: Your character suffers a pretty gnarly fate.

Dylan McTee: Yes!

PopHorror: Some really great special effects. What was it like to be involved in a film that utilizes such great special effects and gore?

Dylan McTee: That was really fun! Definitely my demise is not something that I will probably be able to show my mom because it’s so real. Or if she does, because I’m sure that she’ll find it somehow, I’ll hear the scream from across the United States or wherever. Wherever she is, I’ll know, because she’ll be screaming. But it was fun because they’re just such pros. They had… I guess this is such a spoiler. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. But they had my head all cast up and multiple real versions with bone interior and brain interior, and the outside looked real, and the blood messed up my face. There’s that actual literal physical element that we then destroy. But then also we have a genius VFX supervisor and everyone under him who then took pictures of my face from every single angle so there’s VFX and actual practical effects, and when you pair the two… I mean, I cringed watching it. There’s many, many moments like that in the film. It’s pretty intense.

PopHorror: It really is! That was a great scene. I saw that you’re fairly new to the genre. What is it that draws you to horror?

Dylan McTee: I’m really new to acting in general. I’ve only been in it for about five years professionally so really not that long as an actor. In many ways, I feel like I’m just starting out. In terms of horror, I’ve always been a big fan. I think it’s also the reason I love going on roller coasters is because whether you want to or not, you’re going to go through an experience. You are going to be just on a ride, and they’re going to turn you and flip you and make you scream. I just think that’s so fun. It’s diving into this primal fear and horror that we have as humans that we only get to talk about and not experience in our day to day lives. I think it’s a big part of the human experience… fear and these dark, dark thoughts and stories. It’s fun to jump into that sort of thing and live in it for a bit.

PopHorror: I love that so much! I love that you compared it to a roller coaster because that is very, very true. You mentioned that you just started out. What’s one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you before you started this journey?

Dylan McTee: Oh, that’s cool. That’s a really good question. I feel like I’m still trying to figure it all out. I would say—and this is something that I try to do, no matter the genre, no matter the project, no matter the writing, no matter whatever obstacles are in your way—just don’t lower yourself to maybe something that isn’t the greatest project in the world. Do your best work in that part, and always do your best. Always speak the truth and don’t worry about looking pretty or looking the right way. Just get ugly, be real and just remember that what you’re doing in that moment is real. You’re representing perhaps someone who’s watching or will watch or has lived that life. To me, acting is really kind of spiritual in a way, like a connection to everyone else.

PopHorror: That’s really great advice.

Dylan McTee: I just made that up! Let’s see what my advice is in five more years.

PopHorror: What’s up next for you, Dylan?

Dylan McTee: I am currently working on the third season of a show called Roswell, New Mexico, which is a sexy little show about aliens. It’s fun, and it’s really fun to work on with the sci-fi elements. And in terms of next projects, we will see. There’s some stuff so we’ll see. Not going to jinx anything.

PopHorror: I can appreciate that. What is your favorite scary movie?

Dylan McTee: The Shining. Overall, that movie is incredible.


Thank you so much to Dylan for taking the time to speak with us. Be sure to check out Wrong Turn on VOD, Digital and Blu-Ray now!

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