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Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2020 Review: BJ Verot’s ‘The Return’

I had the privilege of checking out the new sci-fi paranormal horror thriller, The Return, for the 2020 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. This film was directed by BJ Verot as well as co-written by himself and Ken Janssens. It stars Richard Harmon (Puppet Killer 2019 – read our review here, I Still See You), Sara Thompson (Night Hunter, Burden of Truth), and Echo Andersson (Channel Zero TV series, Cult of Chucky 2017 – read our review here).

the return

Synopsis for The Return

After the death of his father, a brilliant college student returns to his family home where he learns that the horrors from his childhood aren’t as dead and gone as he once thought.

I’ve seen and read many synopsis’ like The Return, so I wasn’t really expecting anything new. I was pleasantly surprised that this isn’t like any other film I’ve seen. It is packed full of surprises and twists. It delivers a unique story with great performances and a creepy, sci-fi atmosphere.

Richard Harmon always delivers a phenomenal performance, and the same can be said for with The Return. His character goes through hell and back as he discovers the truth about his past and faces the demons that have been locked away for far too long.

I never knew what to expect next with this film. It is packed full of twists and turns with something new always developing. The Return is the perfect blend of sci-fi and horror and will send shivers down your spine!

Final Thoughts

The Return will be premiering at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2020 tonight, November 5. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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