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Movie Review: John Swab’s Dark ‘Body Brokers’ Puts A Price Tag On Human Life

Alice Englert as Opal in the thriller BODY BROKERS, a Vertical Entertainment release. Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

Seeing as the film is grounded in a very serious real-life issue, I feel I should give a fair warning to anyone reading this: If you or anyone you love has struggled with drug addiction, Body Brokers will not be an easy watch. Synopsis for Body Brokers Brought to Los Angeles …

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Interview With The Director Of ‘Fried Barry,’ Ryan Kruger

One of the best movies to come out this year is Fried Barry. A psychedelic mindfuck of a movie about a drug addict who is an all-around bad guy, Fried Barry boosts an incredible score, opioid-powered hijinks, and extraterrestrials. While the film makes it festival rounds, I was lucky enough …

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Netflix’s ‘The Perfection’ (2019) Movie Review

When I was a kid, I went to an exhibit at an art museum that celebrated Rube Goldberg machines. While my family wandered the museum and looked at everything else, I stayed in the basement to watch marbles knock over dominoes, light candles, and pour water for what felt like …

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‘Suburban Cowboy’ (2016) – Movie Review

Based on real events, Ryan Colucci and Dragan Roganovic’s Suburban Cowboy is a dark, gritty journey into the underworld of drug deals and desperation. It stars Frank Raducz, Jr. as Jay, a drug dealer who finds himself in trouble when one of his associates robs a connection to the Serbian …

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Review of the Six Part CBC Series ‘Pure’

In the heart of a quiet Mennonite community, the dark thriller Pure (directed by Ken Girotti) explores a seething underbelly of drugs, family, faith, and murder. Based on true events, the story revolves around a group of Mennonites who have been recruited and sometimes coerced into the drug trade by …

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