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Paul C. Hemmes’s ‘MAYA’ (2022) – Movie Review

Maya (2022)

A shape-shifting soul collector seeks to lead a group of unsuspecting non-believers into the afterlife in Maya, a 2022 horror film, written and directed by Paul C. Hemmes (Dead Enders 2010, A Grave in the Woods 2018). Maya (2022) Synopsis  Nothing is what it seems when a group of unsuspecting friends …

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‘A Night of Misfit Films’ (2023) – Fundraiser Review

A Night of Misfit Films

We had the honor of attending the A Night of Misfit Films fundraiser on April 1st, an amazing local event looking to help raise recognition and awareness for the annual fan-favorite film festival. Once again the festivities took place at the legendary Phoenix art center, the Alwun House, and was …

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A Night of Misfit Film Festival 2022 – Event Review

The 2022 A Night of Misfit Film festival has come and gone, and we reflect back fondly upon another legendary affair, hosted by indie filmmakers Gauthier Raad and Dineta Williams-Trigg. This year, the event was held at the famous local arts center, the Alwun House, in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, which …

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Sixth Annual ‘A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival’ (2021) Wrap Review

As the 6th annual A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival has come and gone, we take a look back at the amazing event and bid it a fond farewell in the flesh. It was an incredible weekend of fun, friends, and of course, indie film. This years festivities were held …

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