Sixth Annual ‘A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival’ (2021) Wrap Review

As the 6th annual A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival has come and gone, we take a look back at the amazing event and bid it a fond farewell in the flesh. It was an incredible weekend of fun, friends, and of course, indie film. This years festivities were held in Scottsdale, Arizona, by international filmmakers Dineta Williams-Trigg and Gauthier Raad and sponsored by Octane TV/Octane Multimedia.

This was our first time in attendance, and we were beyond honored to be invited to the opening night of this fantastic celebration. The venue was accommodating, with two indoor screens and one outdoors, and they even rolled out the red carpet for fans and filmmakers alike. It was very warm and welcoming. Also, specialized masks with the logo printed on them were provided in preparation against the Covid 19 virus.

Free food, snacks, and popcorn were available, along with aptly priced booze and other beverages upon request. Also, raffles were held each day, with an amazing array of incredible items donated for the cause. Prizes included movies, posters, records, masks, gift cards, and even some exclusive handcrafted products by local artisans.

The event consisted of horror and sci-fi on opening night, followed by drama and comedy films on the second night, and international shorts wrapped up the weekend in spectacular fashion. There were films submitted and screened from all around the world, including pictures from Spain, Netherlands, Italy, France, El Salvador, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Kuwait, Slovenia, Greece, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Peru, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, and Australia. The majority of shorts, however, came from the United States, specifically Arizona, giving a voice and audience to lesser-known directors who don’t normally get the opportunity.

Festivals like A Night of Misfit Films are what the world of indie film is all about. With so many talented filmmakers and engaging shorts to consume, it’s a cinephile’s dream come true. Here are a few of our personal favorites from the horror and sci-fi category.

Wich (2021), directed by Anthony Williams, is an insanely hilarious take on what happens when food bites back. It’s inventive, original, and definitely worth checking out.

Dr. Hubris (2021), directed by Chris Shaw, is a frightening look at what can happen when seeking treatment takes a turn for the worse. It’s intriguing, well written, and the editing is excellent.

Asterion (2020), directed by Kevin Kittle, is a brilliant sci-fi short, full of ingenuity and heart. It’s about a band of mercenaries who break into a military compound to steal some weaponry and encounter something that threatens to tear their mission apart.

Mad in Xpain (2020), directed by Coke Rioboo, is a fantastic post-apocalyptic stop motion short that’s both visually stunning and entertaining as hell. It’s an extraordinary feat of cinema and the perfect example of what can be accomplished when you’re passionate about filmmaking.

Overkill (2019), directed by Alex Montilla, is an ingenious, award-winning short horror comedy that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a creative, stylish, unique slasher film, and a clever twist on the subgenre. It’s an absolute thrill ride.

Overall, A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival is one of the top international indie film fests around. It’s a truly memorable experience and an absolute blast. Help support indie horror and check this festival out if you get the opportunity,; we highly recommend it. We’re anxiously counting down the days and can’t wait to be there next year.

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