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HBO’s ‘The Idol’ (2023) and Exploring The Dark, Real World of Cults

The Idol

I recently binge-watched HBO’s controversial new series The Idol, and have to say, I loved it. My opinion however has not been entirely matched by the public, and this has brought some negative attention to star and co-creator Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, and actress Lily-Rose Depp. Lily-Rose plays Jocelyn …

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Not Another Cult Classic: ‘THE RESURRECTION OF CHARLES MANSON’ (2023)

The Resurrection of Charles Manson

One of the most notorious murders in American history was committed by the Manson Family cult. The conspiracies that followed the murderous cult post-1969 spawned many rumors, books, documentaries, and internet sleuths connecting the dots to Son – or Sons, of Sam and to the Unabomber. In The Resurrection of …

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‘THE DEVIL COMES AT NIGHT’ (2023) – Review

The Devil Comes At Night

Demons, cults, and cannibalism? I’m in. I first saw the trailer when PopHorror posted the news The Devil Comes at Night was coming soon. I was immediately intrigued by Uncork’d Entertainment’s new horror and Scott Leaver’s (Fare Trade – TV Series) directional debut. The Devil Comes at Night Synopsis A …

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Cult Horror ‘FRANK & PENELOPE’ (2022) Coming To Theaters June 3rd

Frank & Penelope

Lovers on the run encounter a deranged cult leader and his family in FRANK & PENELOPE, the new cult horror from Director Sean Patrick Flanery. The film debuts soon in a select city near you. Check out the trailer and poster, and read on for the details! FRANK & PENELOPE …

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Blu-Ray Review: Ivan Kavanagh’s ‘Son’ (2021) Blurs The Line Between Reality and Trauma

[Center] Luke David Blumm as David in the horror film SON, a RLJE Films/Shudder release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films.

I had heard nothing but good things about Son (read our first review- here), so I decided it was time to check out the Blu-ray! The film was written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh (Never Grow Old, The Canal). It stars Andi Matichak (Halloween franchise, Assimilate), Emile Hirsch (Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Into the Wild, Milk), …

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Up Close and Personal With The Elegant Actress Françoise Pascal

My first interview to spring into March is with the elegant cult actress, Françoise Pascal. I’ve had the pleasure of getting up-close-and-personal with Françoise, chatting with her about her zest for life and her career path, as well as her devoted support in the charity organizations that she has been …

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Interview with Sv Bell – The Creator of Black Flag TV

Being an art lover myself, I’ve decided to start the new year with an interview with Sv Bell, a talented artist that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a while. Sv Bell has created numerous comics and DVD cover designs that are available both online via his web and at Comic …

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Mother! – A Movie Layered in Symbolism

“Seeing is believing.” Mother! is indeed one of the best movies of 2017. There are so many hidden layers that have great symbolism behind them, and I personally feel that it is imperative to share these meanings to better understand the complexity of this masterful movie. Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! is …

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The Faith Community (2017): Deadly Faith in an Ending of Madness

Religion can be a powerful tool for those wishing to confuse and manipulate others into deadly actions. Giving someone something to believe in and controlling the belief system from which their faith is built can give someone exponential amount of power. Infamous cult leaders such as Charles Manson and Jim …

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