American Horror Story: My Roanoke – Episode 2 Recap

It might seem a little early to say this but I think I’m officially addicted. With episode 2 of My Roanoke Nightmare aka “Chapter 2”, it let us in a little deeper about the house’s history and gave us quite a few reasons to keep watching. Among them are some pretty terrifying nurses, night games in the woods, and a child that has gone missing.vThere is also something pretty fishy and quite interesting about some of the additions from previous seasons that we have seen in the first two episodes.

Episode 2
Welcome to the nurses of Roanoke.

My absolute favorite portion of this episode dealt with the psychotic nurse apparitions. It was hands down the best part of the story thus far. Do they look a little familiar? Having any flashbacks down memory lane?

Episode 2
American Horror Story: Murder House (Season 1)

Well, it should be familiar, because we saw sadistic nurses in Season 1 as well. I think the theory that this is a reboot or prequel to Murder House is probably correct. In episode 2, we got introduced to possibly the most twisted spelling bee ever created. Apparently, the house in Roanoke used to be an asylum. (Not very original if you ask me. Cool points deducted FX.) The asylum employed some nurses that would kill the patients. There was a catch. Their victims initial had to fit the corresponding letter, that they were currently on so that they could spell the word m-u-r-d-e-r. Gimmicky, I know. However, it is quite intriguing and the performance by the nurses was quite chilling. They are absolutely insane.

Episode 2
Lady Gaga and Kathy Bathes doing a ritual sacrifice.

We also got treated to more traces of ritualistic happenings in the woods. Fortunately, Shelby isn’t the only one who witnesses it. In typical horror fashion, the police are basically useless and claim they are going to follow up and provide protection. Lies lies lies. Just once I would like to see a horror film, or television show, where the cops actually provide a purpose. The cops in this season are probably the absolute worse I have ever seen. Unless you can tell me how a cop car in my driveway is gonna protect me from ghosts in my house, my judgement remains the same.

Episode 2
Angela’s acting is on point!

After “Chapter 1” introducing Lee’s painful backstory, she makes an irrational decision, albeit emotional,  and kidnaps her daughter. Truly, she just wanted to spend time with her but she has been forbidden from doing so. Angela Bassett is really impressing me, as usual, and kicking everybody’s ass in the acting contest. So far, she is in the lead with the nurse apparitions right behind her.  While in her custody, her daughter is seemingly led out of the house and no one knows where she has gone. She has just seemingly vanished. The only thing left behind is her yellow jacket blowing in the breeze.

Overall, I would give this episode an A-. It definitely upped the scare factor and added some intriguing backstory. The cliffhanger at the end has me biting my nails and waiting very impatiently to see what is to come next week. I’m hoping that this season takes a more focused approach to the storylines. However, Ryan Murphy is known for adding a plethora of different characters and situations. As long as he gives us a coherent season, with plenty of scares, and a conclusive satisfying finale we will all be ok. The first season had all of these things. So far, I stand by my assumption that “Murder House” is the formula that “Roanoke” is following. Who knows, Roanoke may even be the actual Murder House.

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