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Mondo Book, ‘Warped & Faded,’ Chronicles The History Of The American Genre Film Archive

Warped & Faded

The folks at Mondo send word they’ve got an all new book heading your way. WARPED & FADED: Weird Wednesday and the Birth of the American Genre Film Archive tells the story of the Weird Wednesday film series and the American Genre Film Archive with insights from the people who …

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Details for the UNDO Divergent Film Awards Festival!

UNDO Divergent Film Awards

We’re happy to share with you some great news about the upcoming UNDO Divergent Film Awards. This is a new festival that we think everyone will love. Check out the details here! PRESS RELEASE FOR THE UNDO DIVERGENT FILM AWARDS: UNDO Divergent Film Awards is a new festival calling out …

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Remembering Bram Stoker On His 170th Birthday

For more than a hundred years, the name Count Dracula has struck ice-ridden chills into the hearts of literary readers. Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, is just as well known as his infamous character. The author also has the prestige of having his own award, called The Horror Writer’s …

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Interview With A ‘Master of Horror’ – William Malone

William Malone is a true Master of Horror and I am a personal fan of his creations. The style, creativity and conceptual combination of his work is pure genius. I was ecstatic when William agreed to do an interview with us, and I’m sure his fans will be eager to …

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‘Gantz’ (2010) – A Japanese Manga Adaptation

“Fight against the aliens.” I’m an huge fan of Japanese cinema, and the film Gantz (2010) is at the top of my list. If you thought that Hollywood was the only one tapping into comic books to gather their inspiration and material for films, you’re highly mistaken. Japan has a rich culture …

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7 Nights of Perfect Double Features

The horror nerd knows the unique pain and pleasure that comes with putting two movies together for a truly killer double feature – the kind of exciting combination that makes the entire viewing experience a new, sublime cinematic journey and makes each movie stand out as exceptional against the other. …

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