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Netflix 2020 Review: Terrie Samundra’s ‘KAALI KHUHI’

Netflix has dropped some awesome horror films recently and one of them includes the new intense horror drama, KAALI KHUHI. It was directed by Terrie Samundra and stars Shabana Azmi, Leela Samson, and Sanjeeda Sheikh.

Synopsis for KAALI KHUHI

In the dark fields of a rural village a man breaks apart the remains of an old boarded up well that houses secrets of a horrific past. His act unleashes a spirit which has cursed this village in the past. Taking the form of a little girl, the spirit returns to wreak havoc. She sneaks her way into the house of a respected old woman, causing the woman to have a heart attack.

When Shivangi gets word that her grandmother has suddenly fallen ill, she travels to her village with her parents to care for her. There, Shivangi finds herself at the crux of a gruesome legacy and unforeseen future as the village is haunted. Events unfold revealing dark secrets. As the adults quickly grow incapable of helping, the fate of the village rests solely in Shivangi’s hands.

If you want a film to watch that will send shivers down your spine with a nightmarish, claustrophobic atmosphere, KAALI KHUHI is for you. This story was beautifully told with great performances and a haunting cinematography that will stick with you and leave a lasting impression.

This was a female driven film from both cast and crew. After reading about Terrie Samundra, I had already become a fan but after watching this film, I fell in love with her filmmaking style. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Shabana Azmi, Leela Samson, and Sanjeeda Sheikh delivered phenomenal performances, each one special and unique, that help create a story of regret, fear, and strength.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t checked out KAALI KHUHI yet… do it. It’s a haunting story with beautiful performances and imagery that may leave you with nightmares (can’t say we didn’t warn you). Enjoy!

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