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BHFF 2018: ‘The Clovehitch Killer’ (2018) Movie Review

The Clovehitch Killer

Suspicions rise when teenage Boy Scout Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer: All the Money in the World 2017) stumbles across a box of questionable magazines and photos within his seemingly pristine father’s (Dylan McDermott: American Horror Story TV series) private shed, making it appear as though he’s linked to the notorious …

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BHFF 2017 Review: ‘Fashionista’ Seductively Mad and Unnervingly Twisted

The 2017 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival has been quite the experience. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to watch and review several films, including Fashionista. I had no clue what was in store for me as the synopsis gives very little away, but I dove in headfirst and barely made it …

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BHFF 2017 Review: ‘Amy’ Delivers A Hauntingly Disturbing Horror Short


I recently had the pleasure of watching the horror short, Amy, for the 2017 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. I watched it on a whim, knowing nothing about it, and it definitely left me surprised. But was it a good surprise? Old Lime Productions presents Amy, a disturbing horror short directed by L. Gustavo Cooper. …

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Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Presents: ‘I Remember You’ (2017)

At this year’s Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, I was given the opportunity to watch a dark, doleful Icelandic tale called I Remember You (AKA Ég man þig). Directed by Oskar Thór Axelsson, I Remember You is a story of love, loss and pitch black horror. It took nearly the entire movie to figure out why …

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BHFF 2017 Review: ‘Get My Gun’ A Blood-Soaked Survival Story

Get My Gun

It’s been a great year for horror, both mainstream and indie. When I got the opportunity to help cover the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival I couldn’t wait to see the list of choices I would have. There are so many great films premiering including Get My Gun, which premiered yesterday …

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