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‘Look Away’ AKA ‘Behind The Glass’ Heading To UK Video On Demand!

Look Away

We’ve had our eye on Assaf Bernstein’s Look Away (AKA Behind The Glass) for quite some time now. Our reviewer loved it, and we were even lucky enough to be able to sit down and discuss the film with Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs at length. The film is now available …

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Review of Assaf Bernstein’s ‘Look Away’ (2018)

As someone who was bullied throughout junior and high school, as well as backhanded compliments from family members, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to say or even do exactly what I was thinking. In my mind, it never ends well, so I mostly just kept it all …

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Interview with ‘Look Away’s’ Jason Isaacs and India Eisley

I’ve only done a handful of interviews in my lifetime, and most of them are through email because I tend to get tongue-tied and spew nonsense that makes me look like the star-struck fan that I am. And I don’t mind looking like a fan. But when I was offered …

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