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Unsung 80s Slasher Flicks Are Always Welcome! – ‘Night Screams’ (1987) Vinegar Syndrome 4K Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: “A football star throws a party for his friends. Two insane killers escape from a nearby asylum on that same night, and in their efforts to elude authorities, wind up at the party.” The guys over at Vinegar Syndrome are extremely adept at releasing obscure films that you never …

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Jason VS Kmart Carrie: ‘Friday The 13th VII: The New Blood’ (1988) – 35 Year Retro Review

Alas! Released on May 13, 1988, the heavy sleeper of the F13 franchise turns 35 this year, and it’s not just the infamous heavy sleeping bag kill that makes Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood so great. We received an unmasked Jason for a full 5 minutes, the makeup …

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Steve Miner’s ‘Friday The 13th Part 2’ (1981) Turns 40 – Retro Review

When Friday The 13th was released in 1980, most people (including its cast and crew) believed it would be a standalone horror film. Enter Friday The 13th Part 2 the following year. Once the studios realized that these slasher films would be cheap to produce and easy to turn a profit, we …

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New Trailer for 80’s Slasher Throwback ‘Bloody Summer Camp’ Starring Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan

Bloody Summer Camp

Slasher 15 Productions has released a new trailer for their 80’s slasher throwback Bloody Summer Camp. The latest trailer opens with a shot of horror icons Felissa rose (“Angela” Sleepaway Camp) and Dave Sheridan (“Doofy” Scary Movie) as their titular characters, Camp Director Ms. Crowell and Sheriff Wilmore. Also featured …

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Dave Kerr’s ‘Bloody Summer Camp’: Kickstarting An ’80s Homage

Since the 2017 release of Dave Kerr’s directorial debut, Curse of the Slasher Nurse (read our review here), this filmmaker, avid horror fan and founder of Slasher 15 Productions has been busy. Following the recent premiere of his second film and sequel to the first, Return of the Slasher Nurse …

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PopHorror Interviews Troy Escamilla, Director of Party Night and Fright Meter Awards President

There are so many great indie directors in the horror industry right now – you can just feel their passion for the genre shining through in their work. They live it, breathe it, and believe in it. This can certainly be said about Troy Escamilla, the director of the goretastic slasher, Party Night. He’s …

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