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Nightmares Film Festival 2020 – Short Films Block ‘Recurring Nightmares – B’ Review

I had the great thrill of reviewing several short films from the Nightmares Film Festival 2020. There were several stories in the Recurring Nightmares – B film block that were absolutely incredible.

By Sunrise

Directed by Mason C. MacDonald and starring Emily Tynan McDaniel (The Ebbing), Andie Morgenlander (Luke and Jo), and Olivia Starr Napier (Take a Stan).


A desperate mother kidnaps her own daughter in a last-ditch effort for a better life, while the world around them undergoes a terrifying shift.

I loved this one! The characters are so believable, and their desperation is palpable onscreen. The acting is great across the board. The cinematography keeps it dark ominous until the very end.



Directed by Joanna Tsanis and starring Lynne Griffin (Dream House) and Julian Robino (Population Zero – read our review here).


A grief counselor is visited by a very disturbed man.

Hands down, this is my favorite short of the bunch of them. I literally had no idea where this one was going, and was a little shocked (in a great way) at where it did! The acting is incredible, especially Lynne Griffin who stole the show. This film pulls you in never lets you go. If you only have time to track down one of the shorts on this list, make it Mourn. You won’t regret it!


The Squirrels in the Attic

Directed by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid and starring Charlie Carr, Paul Kandarian (Sundown), and Antonia Carroll (Knockout Girls).


A spitfire public defender unexpectedly finds herself in uncharted territory while interrogating a dangerous ex-con and his inappropriately young girlfriend in their isolated rural home.

This one is terrific. It crackles with so much tension that you are left nearly breathless. Clues and hints are dropped left and right, leaving the viewer to wonder the entire time. Our heroine, Ingrid (Charlie Carr), looks like she is in over her head, but looks can be deceiving…



Directed by Jerimiah Kipp (Black Wake) and starring Ashley Tyler (Henry), Logan Roberts, Lucas Rainey, Cole Critchell (Grave Mysteries TV series), Kyle Tuck (Black Wake), and Brandon Fox.


A troubled young woman is consumed with the yearning to find the perfect man in a crowded NYC dating scene, even if it means building one herself, piece by piece.

Gorehounds, take note! This is the film for you! Dismemberment, blood and guts: it’s all here. Ashley Tyler does a fine job as the unhinged heroine, Audrey, who is just looking for love. My one complaint is that I never developed any type of sympathy towards Audrey. This prevented me from every really caring what happened to her.



Directed by Steve Kopera (Boyne Falls) and stars Brooke Heatley (Miracle Mile Girls TV series) and Steve Kopera.


Following an environmental disaster, a man searches desperately to find a group of survivors.

This film was the shortest of all of them, but still managed to get an entire storyline packed into it, one that feels very timely. But, as with some of the others in this group, don’t get too comfortable!

Overall, the Recurring Nightmares – B has a great group of films! Shorts are one of my favorite things to watch and review. So, do yourself a favor and check the Recurring Nightmares – B shorts block out! You can do so right now here.

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