Fright-Rags Presents: ‘Dead Neighbors: A Short Film’

Fright-Rags not only brings us our horror clothing and collectibles, but they have put out some films as well. Last year, they released a short called November 1st, which shows us what Michael Myers would do the day after Halloween. This year, they released a film titled Dead Neighbors. It sets up a frightfully plausible scenario as to what inspired George A. Romero to create the subgenre known as zombie films. Let’s take a look at this short film!

Dead Neighbors: A Short Film Synopsis:

Everyone knows that George A. Romero is the father of the modern zombie movie, and that his 1968 masterpiece inspired every ghoul-filled horror flick that followed. But what inspired Romero?

This is a short film that we’ve created to find out what might have sparked the imagination of a bespectacled young George to create his iconic film! If his vision doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead!

This film is fantastic! It really captures how George Romero may have been inspired to create the genre so many of us adore. What do you guys think?  Let us know what you think below! Be sure to check back with PopHorror for all of your horror news, reviews and interviews!

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