‘WHERE IS IT’ (2017) Horror Short – Eerie and Wonderfully Terrifying

When arriving home from a long trip, we typically don’t want to do anything but relax and catch up on some sleep in our own bed. But what if something in your house has a different plan in mind? Find out just how bad it can be in the thrilling new horror short WHERE IS IT.

Todd Spence and Zak White, the creators of Your Date is Here, have teamed up again for the intense new horror short, WHERE IS IT. This film is directed and written by Spence and White with a cast starring Whitney Gries, Patrick Keane, and Travina Springer.

The story follows Em (Gries) as she returns home from a trip and FaceTime’s her friend, Sara (Springer), who house sat while she was gone. As they catch up, Sara reveals that an old mirror fell off the wall and broke. Although Em doesn’t seem to mind, it soon becomes aggressively clear that something in the house wants to know where it is…

Todd and Zak kill it again with their newest project! Their film, Your Date is Here, has received a lot of love from the horror community and WHERE IS IT will turn heads as well. I love everything about it, including the unique style, acting, and overall eerie story.

One of the best parts of the film is their decision to use FaceTime from beginning to end. The video chat between Em and Sara makes the viewer feel as if they, too, are a part of the film. Using FaceTime as a point of view is a natural, organic way to connect with the audience, while at the same time, delivering scares that they could now imagine happening to them during their next video chat.

Both performances were fantastic. Em’s fear grows quickly and you can feel and hear the panic in her voice. Meanwhile, Sara’s performance is equally exceptional. She portrays the agony and terror of watching her friend in danger perfectly, while she sits helpless on the other side of the screen. In a brief amount of time, they both left lasting impressions.

The other thing I enjoyed quite a bit was how the words WHERE IS IT started out in one area and then were quickly spread out all over the wall. My heart was racing as I wondered what the hell was going on. I was imagining how scary it would be for both parties to bear witness to this terror.

With a run-time just over 3 minutes, WHERE IS IT successfully delivers an eerie and wonderfully terrifying horror story that is unlike any other. It’s like a supernatural tale meets a home invasion story with a special twist. After viewing, it may have you sleeping with the lights on, checking all your mirrors, and locking all your doors. If you’re brave and still want to check it out for yourself, the short is free on YouTube. The clip is down below. Enjoy!

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