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PopHorror Interviews Indie Actress Devanny Pinn!

Devanny Pinn is a well-known indie horror actress (The Black Dahlia Haunting, House of Manson, Truth or Dare) who has recently transitioned into some TV roles including one extremely controversial character. She sat down with us for a few minutes to discuss her recent successes.

PopHorror: You’ve been well known in indie horror for a long time, but recently have taken a few TV roles. What has that transition been like?

Devanny Pinn: I have wanted to get into the TV space for a few years now and it has actually been really hard. Ironically, most actors start in television and then try to transition into movies. I always do everything the weird way! It is great now though because there is a lot of interesting, dark material being created for television. I had to get in on that.

PopHorror: You played Manson follower Susan Atkins in House of Manson. How hard was it to get into the head of a Manson follower?

Devanny Pinn: I have always been drawn to true crime. I have portrayed some really intense material – and loved it! – but playing Susan was different. I believe that if you take on a true story or portray a real person, you have a responsibility to portray it as truthfully as possible. This is not some boogeyman or fictional, scary figure. This was a real person who was involved in crimes that affected the world. We did extensive research before making the movie, learning about all the people involved and the various accounts of their lives. For Susan, I studied her mannerisms and speech and tried to bring a likability to her as well as a dark side. In her mind, she was doing what was necessary so that had to come through, but it was hard because the motivations and actions made me sick.

PopHorror: What has been the reaction like since House of Manson has been out?

Devanny Pinn: When the film was first announced, we got a lot of hate mail. I even got death threats! The general consensus was that no one should give Manson more press, which I suppose I understand. A lot of projects were just looking to cash in on the name, but we tried hard to explain our reasoning for making the film – which was that younger generations, myself included, did not know the facts or impact of the events around the Tate-LaBianca murders. The people who were present for that understand the weight of it, but others didn’t and we wanted to use the film as a way to showcase that.

Since it has come out, we have seen overwhelming support from Manson-weary people, as well as film fans. Our approach to the story, showing the characters as people and tapping into a bit of Charlie’s younger years, has been well received. The film got awards and nominations from festivals over the world and received a great television run in the UK. Here in the US, you can watch it on Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, Dish Network and more.

PopHorror: You also played Casey Anthony on Investigation Discovery recently. That had to be something. Tell us about that experience.

Devanny Pinn: Ironically, I received nothing but support from day one for my portrayal of Casey, as well as landing the role. I would even dare say the passionate hatred for Casey Anthony is far greater than the Manson family, but it also commands a huge audience. ID broke rating records for the network with our premiere!

PopHorror: I saw your post about some strange responses to you as Anthony on Twitter. Can you share some of those with us?

Devanny Pinn: It was strange filming it. The crew kept staring at me, saying how much I looked like her and they kind of didn’t like me for it! (laughs) Some of the producers kept giving me dirty looks and then catching themselves and laughing. On social media, it’s a hot topic and people always wanted to know my opinions of the case and if Casey has been in touch – by the way, no, she hasn’t. However, once seeing that I do not support her I just portray her, everyone is very warm and really loved the show!

PopHorror: How do you like playing such notorious characters? Have you noticed any backlash?

Devanny Pinn: Again, I love true crime. Serial killer cases in particular and I also have a passion for history, so playing notorious characters and even criminals are really dream roles for me. It’s a strange satisfaction as a criminal psychology buff to be able to step into their shoes as well as use the material to educate. I think the best way society can move past and even avoid a lot of horrible events in the future is to learn from them in the past. Most people at this point are overwhelmingly supportive and I am grateful for that. There is always going to be someone who’s passionately against you or what you’re doing, but that could be said about anything on the Internet (laughs).

PopHorror: Do you see yourself doing more TV roles in the future?

Devanny Pinn: I would love to as long as these amazing docudramas and horror based shows are popular! Put in a good word for me (laughs).

PopHorror: What projects are you currently working on?

Devanny Pinn: My paranormal thriller, Dwelling, comes out on DVD on July 4th. My cartel action thriller Escape From Ensenada and sci-fi action film Crossbreed debut soon!

PopHorror: Where can fans find you?

Devanny Pinn: At all of my social media accounts:

PopHorror: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Devanny!

Devanny Pinn: Thank you Tim and PopHorror! Bloody Kisses!

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