PopHorror Interviews Ashley Mary Nunes, Star of All Through The House

Recently, PopHorror had the awesome privilege of talking with actress Ashley Mary Nunes, an upcoming Scream Queen and star of All Through The House. When she’s not busy being stalked by crazy killers creeping around in a Santa suit, she is still a pretty busy lady with all her projects going on. Check out our interview to find out how she got involved in the film industry, her love for horror, and her upcoming projects. 

ashley mary nunes

PopHorror – Hi, Ashley! Thanks for taking the time to talk with PopHorror. Tell me, how did you get involved in the film industry?

Ashley Mary Nunes – I was kind of brought up in the film industry. With the influence of my brother, Todd Nunes, it was inevitable. I grew up a fan of the horror genre from the day I was born. I started doing beauty pageants when I was five and landed my first agent went I was ten. I put acting on hold when I started middle school and I gave all my focus to Track & Field for the next twelve years. It wasn’t until after college that I realized I wasn’t a normal person. I couldn’t live a normal life. I quit my job as a Probation Counselor and moved to Hollywood. Acting is my passion.

PopHorror – That’s great that you followed your passion. What was your first role?

Ashley Mary Nunes – Well, I had an almost first role. When I was in elementary school, I audition for the role of Phoebe in the 1996 comedy, Jack, starring Robin Williams. The audition process went on for a few years. I first auditioned in the 4th grade and it was looking like the role was going to me. Then, a few years later when casting was complete, I was too old for the part. It always kind of bummed me out, because I was fixated on this role for two years! As a kid, it was heartbreaking.

PopHorror – What a bummer! I love that movie. Well, at least you’re on your way to fame now! How did you get involved with the Christmas horror movie, All Through The House?

Ashley Mary Nunes – My brother, Todd Nunes, wrote and directed the film. Todd is the one who brought me up loving the horror genre and all its gore. I truly enjoyed getting scared and screaming my head off while listening to all my brother’s terrifying stories and pranks. I am Todd’s #1 fan. I would jump on any opportunity to work with him. He would always use me in his projects, so I guess it was very natural to be involved with All Through The House. I am very grateful for Todd’s trust and belief in me to lead this film.

PopHorror – That’s awesome! I figured you guys were related somehow since you both had the same last name. What was it like to play the character of Rachel?

ashley mary nunes

Ashley Mary Nunes – I felt like I was Rachel. I was living her life. I had a strong connection to this character. Rachel was abandoned by her mother. She lived her life with unanswered questions. She just wanted to know the truth. My oldest brother, Robert, who passed away when I was sixteen, was a huge source of inspiration for my character. I have a million questions for Robert that I will never have answered. I feel like Rachel took a lot of risks trying to get answers and I believe I would take those same risks. Rachel’s journey to discovery felt like my own discovery.

PopHorror – I always loving hearing that an actor/actress had such a strong connection with their character. Was it a fun experience?

Ashley Mary Nunes – Absolutely! There was a lot of passion on set. Without passion, I don’t think we would have accomplished what we did. We were on a micro-budget and every dollar was accounted for. We were fighting time day in and day out. We worked long, restless hours and no one complained. It was very exhausting, but also very rewarding.

PopHorror – I bet! I’ve seen pictures of all of you guys on set and it looks like you were having a blast! Beyond this bloody Christmas horror story, I know one of your upcoming projects is Safe Place. How did you get involved in that film?

Ashley Mary Nunes – I was approached by the director, Nicholas Hunt. Nick is a huge horror fan and knows the genre really well. So, I was very ecstatic when he reached out to me. He’s a very passionate person, so I am grateful to be a part of his team on Safe Place.

PopHorror – I can’t wait to see it! What is your character like? (If you can tell me.)

Ashley Mary Nunes – I can’t reveal too many details about my character just yet, but I will be approaching this role the same way I do with all my roles. I will find myself in Lori. It’s a kickass role.

PopHorror – That’s a great way to go about it. I can’t wait to see what your character is all about. Speaking of horror, although some actors have starred in horror films, some do not like watching horror movies. It certainly sounds like you do! What are your favorites?

Ashley Mary Nunes – As a child, I was never censored from horror movies. I was actually kind of always involved. Todd did a lot of horror plays, movies, and pranks growing up. Horror is a passion of mine. The opening sequence of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) is my all time favorite scene in a horror movie. I am a huge fan of the continuous shot of young Michael’s POV. Jamie Lee Curtis was my first influence as a Scream Queen. I admire her movie presence and vulnerability on screen.

PopHorror – Halloween is such a classic and you can’t go wrong with Jamie! If you could work with anyone in the film industry, who would it be?

Ashely Mary Nunes – It would definitely be a dream come true to work alongside Jamie Lee Curtis. She is incredibly talented and my kind of funny.

PopHorror – I hope that dream comes true. It would be fantastic to see an iconic Scream Queen along side a new one. Any other upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

Ashley Mary Nunes – I am currently working alongside my brother on our next horror feature, Death Ward 13. It is a reimagining of the 1973 cult classic Don’t Look In The Basement. I can’t say what my role in this film is, but I can say that I am the model on the poster. I am very excited to be working with Todd again.

PopHorror – The poster for that looks amazing! We at PopHorror look forward to all of your upcoming projects and any work you do in the future. Thanks again for this fun interview!

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