Safe Place – (2017) – Official Teaser and News

“One person’s haven can be another person’s hell.” We love indie horror and Safe Place (2017) is one we are looking forward to seeing. Check out the official promotional trailer down below.

Directed by Nicholas Hunt, Safe Place, is a new frightening story straight from our nightmares that will be released next Halloween. This film as an all-star cast including Lloyd Kaufman (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy), Ashley Mary Nunes (All through the House, Death Ward 13), Genoveva Rossi (Bloodmania, Death House), and introducing Dominick Santarsiero.

The story follows a man who after a horrible tragedy vows to live a life secluded from everyone else in fear of what the real world has to offer. He comes across 6 youths, who are in the prime of their life and becomes hellbent on saving them. But who should they really be afraid of?Safe Place

By the looks of the promotional teaser, Safe Place will be an incredibly intense story full of emotion, psychological madness, and plenty of blood. Plus, I’m pretty impressed by some of the seasoned actors in this film, they are masters at what they do. Even the new ones are awesome, I recently saw Ashley in All through the House and was absolutely impressed by her acting and her presence on the screen. I look forward to watching her in this film and if she keeps at it, she could be our next scream queen!

Overall, Safe Place has me thinking one thing: how far will one go when they’ve lost everything and think their actions are for the greater good? I guess we’ll have to wait until next Halloween to find out! Until then stay tuned for more news, interviews, and promotional teasers for this film as they are released. 


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