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Renegade Film Festival 2022 Winners Announced

Renegade Film Festival

The Renegade Film Festival (formerly known as the Women In Horror Film Festival) is “proud to showcase diverse content and promote inclusion & visibility in order to bring a sense of balance and equality to independent cinema.” They send word they’ve announced the winning films from this year’s March event! Read on …

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Nightmares Film Festival 2020 – Short Films Block ‘Recurring Nightmares – B’ Review

Nightmares Film Festival feature image

I had the great thrill of reviewing several short films from the Nightmares Film Festival 2020. There were several stories in the Recurring Nightmares – B film block that were absolutely incredible. By Sunrise Directed by Mason C. MacDonald and starring Emily Tynan McDaniel (The Ebbing), Andie Morgenlander (Luke and …

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