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Interview With ‘Wrong Turn’ Actor Dylan McTee

It’s me again. I still hate camping, but I’m back to continue our discussion about the new retelling of Wrong Turn. This time I chatted with newcomer Dylan McTee, who brings to life Adam. Adam is the friend that you’re not sure if you love him or just merely tolerate …

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Movie Review: ‘Wrong Turn: The Foundation’ (2021): Backwoods Horror With A Twist

Wrong Turn

Many of us grew up with the Wrong Turn franchise, and know that those films hold a special place in our hearts. Although I was hesitant about the announcement for the reimagining of Wrong Turn, the trailer, poster, and stills looked promising. The film was directed by Mike P. Nelson (read …

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Interview With Director Of ‘Wrong Turn (2021),’ Mike P. Nelson

The original Wrong Turn movie ruined camping in the woods for me. Like, ruined it forever. You will not find me exploring the backwoods or traipsing through the trees. We all know this is how horror movies start. If I’m in the woods for three days, I’ve been dead for …

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Official Trailer and Poster for ‘Wrong Turn’ From Saban Films!

Many of us grew up with the Wrong Turn franchise and they hold a special place in our hearts. It was just recently announced that a reimagining is happening which places the story in a contemporary setting with a diverse cast. I’m down! Check out the official trailer, poster, and …

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