The Last Kids on Earth
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Interview with Nick Wolfhard, Lead of Animated Netflix Series ‘The Last Kids on Earth’

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Nick Wolfhard for his lead role in the highly anticipated Netflix series, The Last Kids on Earth. This is an adaptation of Max Brallier’s best-selling series and we can’t recommend it enough. Nick is a very intelligent young man, with a bright future ahead of him and it was an honor getting to chat with him. Learn more about his his passion for voice-over acting, how he got involved with The Last Kids on Earth, upcoming projects with his brother, and more!

Synopsis for The Last Kids on Earth

Young teenager Jack Sullivan and a group of friends live in a decked-out tree house, playing video games, eating candy, and fighting zombies in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse.

Nick Wolfhard
Nick Wolfhard, who plays Jack in The Last Kids on Earth

PopHorror – Hi Nick, it’s so great to talk with you! According to your bio, ever since you were very little, you knew that you wanted to act and be a voice-over artist. What inspired this dream?

Nick Wolfhard – I’ve always had a big fascination with animation in general, you can tell stories and do things that are impossible to convey in a live action project. There is something about voice over that is just so fun to do, to watch all these things as a kid and then to star in them later on is a dream come true. I’ve always been a big movie buff and as a kid would constantly dish out trivia to others too (probably to their annoyance, haha).

PopHorror – Haha, same. What was you first role in the film industry and did it inspire you do get more gigs?

Nick Wolfhard – My first gig was the lead role in an animated indie movie that aired on Cartoon Network called Underwraps. I was only 16 at the time so I still had a lot to learn (and still do at 21) so to get that opportunity was a huge motivator in honing my skills and getting even better at what I love to do.

The Last Kids on Earth
Credit: Netflix

PopHorror – You’re very self-aware – I love and it’s very refreshing to see. You play the lead role in Netflix’s highly anticipated animated TV series adaptation of author Max Brallier’s best-selling The Last Kids on Earth. How did this role come about?

Nick Wolfhard – From around February of 2018 to late May/early April of the same year, I spent my time auditioning for both the main character Jack and Dirk Savage (who is played by my co-star Charlie Demers). It was a super long process, I believe I did callbacks for both and Jack ended up going farther for me. To finally land the role of Jack was a satisfying experience like no other.

PopHorror – As a voice-over artist, a lead in a Netflix series is a pretty big deal. Are you excited and nervous to how people will react to the series?

Nick Wolfhard – I’m both excited and nervous for sure, I hope people are happy with my performance and overall I just hope people love the show. The animation by Atomic Cartoons is just so fantastic, it’s so fluid and smooth. On top of that, it very much immerses itself in pop culture because Jack himself is the same way, so it has a few references to that and a lot of great visual gags and action that people of all ages will enjoy. There’s something for everyone here so I’m really happy about that.

PopHorror – I couldn’t agree more! Have you read Max Brallier’s story that this adaptation is based on?

Nick Wolfhard – I have read a bit of one of the latest ones and it’s also great way to get into the mind of Jack as a character, nothing like getting it straight from the source that’s for sure! I’m also pleased to see that Max is really happy with the adaptation so far, he would occasionally call in to give us notes or to see how we were making progress, so we are all really lucky to have such great chemistry.

PopHorror – That’s great to hear. Your character, Jack, is a very ambitious, hopeful, and courageous. Against all odds, he finds humor and hope. Can you relate to him at all?

Nick Wolfhard – I’ve always found myself to be more of a glass half full kind of guy, definitely more of an optimist. My friends tell me I have a sort of child-like innocence that hasn’t been destroyed yet by cynicism haha. I relate to Jack in that his middle school life was a nightmare like mine was, bullies, very few friends, etc. Luckily I had my family who was and is very supportive of me, but I wish I read this book series when I was younger. I was very much an introvert and still am a bit, the series reminded me that you are only a kid for so long and that you should have fun while it lasts, try and get out there more, have lots of fun experiences, and make the best with what you have. I hope lots of kids who were my age at the time get that message and relate as well, maybe they’ll make their own conclusion too!

The Last Kids on Earth
Credit: Netflix

PopHorror – So very true! I love your insights on all of this! His best friend Quint is a great companion to have during an apocalypse type of setting. Do you have a friend like that?

Nick Wolfhard – Me and my friends would probably all get each other killed immediately LOL.

PopHorror – Haha, same! This series kind of reminds me of a younger, more innocent version of Zombieland. Do you get that vibe at all?

That’s a great comparison, I actually never thought about that until you mentioned it. I would say it’s like a mix of Zombieland, Scott Pilgrim and Codename Kids Next Door (one of my favorite shows growing up), while also having its own unique identity to go along with it.

PopHorror – Love all of those! This series has a lot of great actors onboard including Bruce Campbell, Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, and Keith David. I know doing voice-over acting is a bit different than your typical acting gig, but did you get to work directly with any of them? Also, as an inspiring/new voice-over actor, it must be a dream come true, especially working alongside Hamill.

Nick Wolfhard – It absolutely is a dream come true, I was in another project with Mark called Howard Lovecraft and The Kingdom of Madness. Unfortunately I actually have yet to meet him. Besides the main cast members, they all recorded on their own time. I would love to meet them all, maybe we will all do a panel together when the full season comes out, anything is possible!

PopHorror – I hope so! Your brother Finn is also in the filmmaking business. So I have to ask, are you a fan of Stranger Things? If so who is your favorite character? And have you seen IT: Chapter 2 yet? I’ve heard great things.

Nick Wolfhard – I am a Stranger Things fan, I thought the latest season was excellent! I was also at the IT: Chapter 2 premiere and we all had a blast! (fun fact: Last Kids on Earth showrunner Scott D Peterson was there, it was an awesome surprise to see and talk to him again).

PopHorror – That’s so awesome! Have you guys ever worked on a project together and if not would you want to?

Nick Wolfhard – We are currently involved in an adult oriented animated pilot for a big network that our friends are currently making, I can’t say the details yet but I will for sure let everyone know on social media about it when I’m allowed. I CAN say, that it is absolutely hilarious and I can’t wait for people to see it.

PopHorror – Woot, woot. I can’t wait! What would be your ultimate dream gig in the business?

To work with all of my heroes that have inspired me to enter this career is definitely part of it. In terms of a dream gig? I would LOVE to be a voice in a Ratchet and Clank video game. I grew up playing those games and have met James Arnold Taylor (the voice of Ratchet and a super nice guy ). I’d love to dive into gaming roles and mo-cap in general, it’s like voice over and on-camera mixed together. I’m honestly happy working on anything involving voice over regardless, but that’s definitely something I want to do more of.

PopHorror – I have high hopes you’ll do it all! If you could work with anyone in the business who would it be?

Mark Hamill was definitely one that’s for sure!! I’ve got a whole bucket list so I’ll give you a “few” names:

Steve Blum, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer, Erica Lindbeck, Greg Eagles, Cherami Leigh, Kari Wahlgren, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, David Hayter, Melissa Fahn, Tom Kenny, Quinton Flynn, Nika Futterman, Travis Willingham, Tara Strong, Darren Norris, Clancy Brown, Seth Green, Charlet Chung, Phil Lamarr, Lacey Chabert, David Kaye, Seth MacFarlane, Mae Whitman, Richard Horvitz, Hynden Walch, James Arnold Taylor, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ashley Johnson, Roger Craig Smith, Max Mittleman, Micheala Dietz, Yuri Lowenthal,Tara Platt, Scott Menville, Rob Paulson, Tress Macneille, Dan Castellanetta, Nolan North, Jim Ward, Troy Baker, Rodger Bumpass, Ben Diskin, Michelle Ruff, Robbie Daymond, and literally anyone else that I missed.

PopHorror – Hahaha, wow that’s quite the list! Any other upcoming projects you’d like to talk about beyond this series?

Nick Wolfhard – Stay tuned for that new adult animated pilot that I mentioned earlier that I’m gonna be involved in, it’ll be on TV before you know it!! You’re all going to laugh yourbutts off!

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